Not a Desk Dweller? Handheld Computer Cases Protect a Must-Have Device

At one time, people involved in business fields such as medicine, hospitality, or overseeing industry spent a lot of time at their desk, dealing with papers and files. These days, it seems like everybody is on the move, and the desk is just a place to check in and occasionally get some work done.  Most upper level employees or business owners are hands-on, in-the-field kind of people that are involved in the nitty-gritty.  This means that a lot of people who work in these fields have handheld computer devices that allow them to be mobile.  If you use one of these devices consider investing in a handheld computer cases to protect your technological investment.

Why a Handheld Computer?

A handheld computer is more than just a fancy phone.  When you need to stay in touch with a variety of people, you can use your email.  Keeping track of productivity, medical records, appointments, and reservations? A handheld device is perfect for accessing files and calendars.  The device will be used countless times throughout the day, which is why you need a secure place to keep it where it will be easily accessible, yet safe from being dropped or bumped as you go about your business.

Handheld Computer Cases Keep Productivity High

Our handheld computer cases are just the thing to keep your device accessible and ready to work for you.  The case has a heavy-duty belt clip so it will always be in the same place, without searching through pockets or bags.  The clip even rotates so when you get in your car you can turn the case so it is comfortable to wear sitting down.   It also opens at the top, which makes it easy to get to in a moment’s notice. The inside is soft and padded to keep your handheld cushioned, and then covered with nylon to make sliding it in and out easy.

Our handheld computer holsters are designed with a universal pocket, so they should fit your device.  The MC55 holster, MC65 case, and MC75 case are three options that fit many devices from manufacturers including Motorola, Intermec, Honeywell, Janam, and Symbol.

A handheld computer case will keep your productivity high by keeping your important electronic device handy and safe.  If you’re looking to keep any of your electronics safe with a quality, high-rated product, we can find the right case for you.