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Get Ready for Summer Trips with a Travel Holster to Hold All Your Belongings

travel holsterIf you’re getting ready to do some traveling this summer for business or pleasure, you know you will have to practice patience while going
through security measures at the airport. The combination of more people traveling and increased TSA checkpoints means you will have to
deal with a bit of a hassle before getting to your final destination.
Consider investing in a travel holster to not only keep track of your electronics and personal belongings, but to get through security faster.

What is a Travel Holster?

Most people are familiar with holsters when it comes to law
enforcement officers which enables them to carry firearms underneath a
jacket.  It makes them easily accessible, but not bulky or obvious.  In
the same way, a travel holster goes around the shoulder, is adjustable
for comfort, and eliminates the need to carry around an extra bag or
pockets full of belongings.

What Can I Fit in a Travel Holster?

A gadget shoulder holster
is a multi-purpose tool designed to keep everything in one place.
Protected pockets hold delicate items such as a smartphone, digital
camera, blackberry, or sunglasses.  Zippered pockets keep cash, change,
and accessories such as earbuds or stylus secure.  Card holders keep
credit cards and identification handy to eliminate your need for a
wallet, and there is even a special place for your passport.

If you need to have your ipad or other tablet handy and accessible, consider investing in a tablet shoulder holster.
This handy organizer has secure places to hold your smartphone, as
well as zippered pockets to hold things like cash, credit cards,
identification, and a checkbook.  In addition, a special universal
pocket will keep your tablet safe and secure.  The inside is made from a
soft nylon to prevent scratching, the outside is padded to protect it
from bumps, and it closes up securely with a Velcro flap.

Both of these travel holsters are made from durable, lightweight
materials that will keep all of your belongings safe and accessible
without having to carry an extra bag or deal with overflowing pockets.
The whole thing goes on and off easily for security checks, and you
won’t need to worry about stashing your things in a compartment since
everything is conveniently right on you.  Simplify traveling this summer
by keeping all of your must-haves in one comfortable travel holster.