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Outsmart Pickpockets with an iPad Shoulder Holster

As more people carry high tech gadgets like iPads with them when they travel, pickpockets become more aware of the money they can make off of these items. In 2012, more iPads, iPhones and iPods were stolen than any other item. They were closely followed by other brands of personal technology such as Android smartphones, tablets and e-readers.

These gadgets were stolen from homes and vehicles, and, perhaps most surprisingly, right off of the owner’s back. Personal technology is a quick payday for a pickpocket, who can not only sell the item for easy money at a pawn shop but can use the browsing history on the device to steal your personal information including credit card numbers and banking information.

Keep Your Gadgets Out of the Hands of Pickpockets

Keeping your high tech gadgets out of the hands of pickpockets has never been more important. In order to secure your valuables, it is best to always carry them in a way that stealing them is very inconvenient for a thief.

Professional pickpockets are more sophisticated than you may think. A trained pickpocket can open a backpack and remove an iPad while you walk, without ever getting your attention. In fact, a 2008 article in Nature Reviews shows that a professional con man can pick the pocket of someone even when the victim knows he’s about to be robbed.

Backpacks are Extremely Susceptible to Pickpocketing

It’s incredibly easy to steal something from a backpack, which is one of the most common ways travelers carry iPads and other tablets. Men, especially, use backpacks to carry gadgets that won’t fit in their pockets, because t hey don’t have a purse to carry their iPad. Backpacks are extremely susceptible to pickpocketing.

Police recommend wearing a backpack on your front if a backpack must be used, but recommend a bag hung diagonally across your body instead. iPad shoulder holsters make an even better deterrent, giving you the benefits of a backpack but keeping it close to your body and in a place where you would notice a thief reaching for your valuables.

An iPad Shoulder Holster Can Secure All Your Gadgets

The shoulder holster sits under the left arm, and holds not only a tablet but has space for your other valuables as well. There is a smartphone pocket, a small front zippered pocket for money and credit cards and a large back zippered pocket for passports, checkbooks and other personal items.

To help secure your valuables while traveling, check out the eHolster tablet shoulder holster and other travel holsters.