Walk a Little Lighter with a Gadget Shoulder Holster

evolve2_wear_open3A person traveling or just in everyday on-the-go mode can have a hard
time keeping track of all of his things. Between the cell phone,
accessories, wallet, keys, and all kinds of other miscellaneous items,
the average person is walking around with full pockets and cases
attached to his belt. A gadget shoulder holster can hold all of those things and keep your stuff from dragging you down, literally.

What is a Gadget Shoulder Holster?

The gadget shoulder holster goes over your left shoulder and hangs
comfortably under your arm, where everything is secure. Another strap
goes around the other arm and is full adjustable to make sure the
holster is comfortable. Made of neoprene and nylon, this holster
protects your belongings while being lightweight and durable.

What Can I Fit in the Holster?

If you’re worried that this will be an additional item to carry
around, you have nothing to be concerned about. This item will replace
all your other cases and carriers, so everything can be in one place.
The holster has:

  • A protective pouch that holds most cell phones, or items such as a camera or eyeglasses
  • Another protective pouch made specifically to fit an iPhone or other similarly sized phone, such as a blackberry.
  • Slots to hold identification, credit cards, or business cards
  • 2 mesh pockets to hold accessories such as headphones or a stylus
  • A zippered pocket to hold important items such as a passport or checkbook
  • Another zippered pocket to hold change, cash, or memory cards secure
  • A key clip

Carry Everything & Hide Your Headphone Wires

All of the features are packaged in the shoulder holster, and held
secure by a protective flap that closes with magnetic snaps. For music
lovers, it even has a wire-hiding conduit system so your earbuds can be
accessible and used even when your phone is tucked away in the holster.

If you’re looking for a comfortable way to carry around all your gadgets and belongings, check out the eHolster Gadget Shoulder Holster.
This case has earned the highest ratings, comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and is the perfect travel holster for those wanting to put an end to heavy pockets and belt cases.