5 Reasons to Equip Your Employees with Magnetic Wristbands

A red magnetic wristband with different small metal pieces stuck to each section.

Magnetic wristbands are an innovative way to equip employees for hands-on work. The wristband, essentially, is a thick, double strip of canvas lined with a magnetic core. The magnet is strong enough to hold up a wrench by the head and comfortable enough to wear all day. Many builders and technicians use magnetic wrist bands to keep track of those small ferrous pieces of hardware that are essential and all-too-easy to drop.

Who Else Uses Magnetic Wristbands?

However, magnetic wristbands aren’t limited to the construction and technician roles. There are many professional roles that could be improved with the addition of a handy, high-powered magnetic wristband. Just as you might provide your team with scanner holsters or work aprons, you can equip your employees with magnetic wristbands any time you see a helpful use for them in your everyday workflow.

Let’s look at a few good reasons your team might benefit from magnetic wristbands as optional equipment:

Keeping Track of Keys

Keychains are a necessity in some roles, but a keychain can get cluttered quite fast. If a keychain is too full, it takes ages to find the right key to each door, cash register, or lockbox. A magnetic wristband makes it possible to quickly access a few most-used keys and rapidly switch between them. When each use is completed, the key can be stuck right back onto the wristband until it’s needed quickly again.

Streamline Product Assembly

Product assembly often requires precise, hands-on focus. Your team is working with small screws, nuts, bolts, and/or wires to ensure your products go together perfectly. A magnetic wristband for the right assembly could streamline the whole process. Give your team the option to stick each set of small screws to the wristband. This keeps them accessible and well-sorted throughout the assembly process.

Assembly wristband use might also include swapping out the heads of small tools like drill bits. Keep every single one lined up and impossible to hit the floor.

Quickly Switch Between Hand Tools

Small hand tools can be a hassle to constantly switch between during an assembly, installation, or repair process. If you have three small screwdrivers or a pair of needle-nose pliers that need to be quickly at hand, a magnetic wristband makes this easy. As long as each tool has a ferrous core, your team can slap those screwdrivers and pliers right on the wristband. Quickly grab them exactly when you need them.

Equip Curbside Kiosk Attendants

Curbside kiosks are a key part of the new-normal. Drive-throughs and drive-up services have made it possible for many companies to stay in business. If you have a curbside kiosk team, they might benefit from a magnetic wristband that helps to keep track of the handful of items they need to keep separate from the kiosk. A metal pen would stick, as would keys to the side door and a ferrous tablet stilus for quick outdoor use. Stuck to the wristband, your curbside kiosk team never has to worry about losing an item and watching it roll away into the parking lot.

Avoid Dropped and Lost Hardware

Finally, the core purpose of magnetic wristbands is simply to avoid that annoying “lost screw” experience. Whether your teams install, repair, assemble, or inspect, sometimes a useful metal object is dropped in the course of working. This is a frustrating experience. It often results in reaching, trying to catch it with your fingers, or shining in your phone to try and spot the escaped item.

A magnetic wristband significantly reduces the chance that you’ll lose a critical small piece. With it, that piece is firmly secured until the moment you need it.

Can Your Team Benefit from Magnetic Wristbands?

Whether magnetic wristbands are right for your team is a question only you can answer. If they regularly handle small items of ferrous material like keys or screws, then the answer is likely “yes.” Contact us today to consult on your team’s workflow and the right holster gear to equip.