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How to Carry a Barcode Scanner and Keep Your Pants from Slouching

A woman using a barcode scanner in a warehouse, carry a barcode scanner concept

There are thousands of roles that require a professional to carry a barcode scanner. Anyone who handles packages or boxed merchandise might find themselves in this situation. Retail, warehouses, package delivery, even bartenders and clerks may need to keep a barcode scanner on their person at all times. But not all barcode scanners are lightweight and even a little extra weight on your belt can cause good work pants to slouch. While we rarely mention waistband-related challenges, most of us who’ve carried a scanner know that only the right pants, belt, and barcode scanner holster can keep you from daily hitching or wardrobe malfunction.

Today, we’re here to talk about a subject dear to our hearts, or perhaps a little lower. Here’s how to carry a barcode scanner while keeping your pants on.

Get a Belt with Some Give

First and foremost, we know that you’ve already tried tightening the belt. It’s what we all do when we carry a barcode scanner that seems to pull at the waistband. But tighten too much and you’ll be acutely uncomfortable and even restrict your own movement – neither are ideal for all-day at work. Instead, try a belt with a little bit of stretch. Belts with elastic woven in are sturdy and more form-fitting, in case you have a body type that does not hold to rigid belts as easily. The belt can hold tightly while also giving you room to breathe.

Stay Away from Low-Risers

Low-rise pants phase in and out of popularity for both genders, but they’re not a good choice if you have a heavy tool belt or even just one barcode scanner holster to support. Mid-rise pants or, for some body types, high-rise pants will hold on more securely and even a little slouching will be far less problematic. Low-rise pants often don’t hold high enough on the hips for a sturdy belt and holster or all-day scanner position.

Try a Shoulder Holster Design

Of course, if the belt design just doesn’t work for you, try a shoulder holster instead. A shoulder holster gives you the opportunity to place your barcode scanner holster somewhere that isn’t your belt. Try out a variety of shoulder options if this method appeals to you. Try an across-the-body strap, looping shoulder straps, or attaching your barcode scanner holster to the strap of a bag or harness that you already wear for work.

Wear a Second Belt for the Scanner

Then there’s the faux-punk option of crisscrossing your scanner holster belt with the belt that holds up your pants. A second belt allows you to secure your scanner holster in whatever way is most comfortable and weight-balanced without worrying about whether that weight is weighing down your pants. And if it makes you feel stylish, then all the better.

Clip Your Holster to a Vest

Many retail and technical positions involve wearing a vest as part of the work uniform. It might hold up your name tag or serve as colorful protection against unaware work operations. The other thing your vest does is hang sturdily from your shoulders instead of your waist. Barcode scanner holsters are designed with a clip. While it works best hanging vertically with gravity support, the right kind of clip can secure to your lapel, vest, or vest pocket with far less dire consequences if a little bit of slouching occurs.

Wear Snappy Suspenders

This is a fun and easy way to carry a barcode scanner. If you want to wear a belt and holster combination but your belt just won’t stay up, you can always start sporting a set of snappy suspenders. For some, this is an incredibly satisfying and stylish decision. In the right role with the right uniform or work outfit, suspenders could be a fun addition to your working life and ensure that your pants stay put with a weighty barcode scanner on your belt.

Sturdy Jacket with Big Pockets

In colder months or in a chilled working environment, you may also find yourself wearing a sturdy jacket. Sturdy jackets come with sturdy pockets, which can serve as an alternate place to dock your scanner holster. You can clip to an outer pocket or even clip your scanner holster into the jacket’s inner pocket for handy access with your pants intact.

Carrying a barcode scanner isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to put up with a constant pull on your belt. If your pants slouch as a result of carrying a scanner, place your scanner holster somewhere more creative or reinforce your approach to belt-wearing. From shoulder holsters to clip holsters that can go anywhere, contact us for more handy barcode scanner carrying tactics.