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Seven Phone Wallet Cases That Will Surprise You

What sets a phone wallet case apart from the countless phone wallet cases already on the market? Is it all about durability and protection? Eye-catching aesthetic? Slim design that accentuates the beauty of the phone the case is designed to protect? Unique features that go beyond simply saving a phone from drops and bumps?

In some cases, an amazing phone wallet will be able to surprise buyers simply by excelling in one of these categories.

Other times, great phone cases are born out of an attempt to balance all of these attributes into a single affordable package.

We’ve scoured the market to find phone wallets that do both, and listed these surprising and high-quality accessories below.

The OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox has become synonymous with heavy-duty, highly durable cases for iPhones and Galaxy devices, but you’ll still be surprised just how much protection a cellphone wallet from the company’s Defender series provides. Defender cases use a three-piece construction (complete with a built-in screen protector) to essentially lock your phone into a dust-proof, shock-resistant safety suit. In 2013, one YouTube user even put the Defender series to the ultimate test, dropping an Otterbox-protected iPhone 5S from the roof of a building. The case showed some damage, but the phone seemed unharmed from the 100-foot drop. What could be more surprising than that?

The eHolster eVibe Wallet Phone Case Series

At eHolster, we know that it can be frustrating to buy all new cases, screen protectors, and other types of phone accessories every time you replace your phone. That’s why with our series of eVibe wallet cases, we have designed a number of stylish phone wallets that can fit most of the smartphones currently on the market. Crafted from genuine leather and providing spots to stow credit cards, cash, and other belongings, our eVibe cases incorporate elastic sides so that they can be easily and instantly adjusted to whatever phone you are carrying at any given time. The standard size will fit most phones, but if you have an extra-large smartphone (or a phablet, as they are sometimes called in the mobile industry), you can also opt for our special eVibe case for large smartphones.

The TOP Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPhone 6 Plus

This case will surprise you for a number of reasons. First off, it comes with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard that is actually part of the case—perfect for those who still miss having a full physical keyboard for texting; secondly, unlike many other “keyboard cases” on the market, this one is actually fairly well reviewed, with an average rating of four stars out of 28 customer reviews on Amazon; third, the case looks amazing, folding up to look like a classy leather wallet or ledger; fourth, the case is currently on sale on Amazon for just $16.99—marked down $182.01 from the original list price of $199. Bottom line, if you are looking for a physical keyboard case for your iPhone 6 Plus, this very special cellphone wallet is the right choice for you. Just make sure to order it soon, since there’s no telling how long Amazon’s big discount will last.

i-Blason Samsung Galaxy S5 Case

The common complaint about cellphone wallets like the OtterBox is that they surround your phone with so much plastic and silicone that the device ends up feeling big and clunky instead of slim and sleek. The i-Blason case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 has long been one of our favorite cases for how it complements the design of Samsung’s smartphone instead of essentially obscuring the design in the name of protection. In fact, the most surprising thing about this case is that, if you saw it on a phone, you might not even realize that the phone was in a case. The i-Blason phone wallet also doesn’t mess with the S5’s special features like the heart rate monitor and the fingerprint scanner.

This Harry Potter Etsy Case

Click the link, trust us. This case, crafted by an Etsy vendor based in China, is among the most beautiful phone wallets you will ever see. Laser engraved out of solid wood and featuring a stunningly ornate design that hearkens back to the Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter books, this case is the perfect gift for someone who is still waiting on that sequel to The Deathly Hallows. The product is available for recent iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models, and the vendor also does other wood-carved cases—including other Harry Potter-inspired designs, as well as cases that pay tribute to Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and even Dragon Ball Z. You won’t find anything like these cases in your local cellphone accessories store.

The Felix Handhold Wallet Case

If you want an iPhone wallet case, but don’t want to deal with much extra bulk, then the Handhold wallet case from Felix is the right option for you. A minimalist design, this case is essentially just a thermoplastic frame for your iPhone instead of a full wraparound case. The back of the case provides a clever clip system—in the shape of a hand, of course—where you can tuck credit cards, cash, and a driver’s license. The wallet case, which comes in numerous colors, has been rightfully marketed by Felix as the perfect companion for a night out on the town.

The TaskOne G3 iPhone Case

Ever wanted a product that combines the protection of a phone case and the versatile functionality of a Swiss Army Knife into one? The TaskOne was built for you. A heavy duty cellphone wallet built from “rugged aluminum and polycarbonate,” the TaskOne also includes a bevy of stainless steel tools—including a knife, a saw blade, a flint fire starter, a bottle opener, a flathead screwdriver, and more. If you are someone who tends to hike, hunt, or camp often, then this phone case could be a legitimate lifesaver in a survival situation. For everyone else, it’s just one of the coolest and most unique phone wallets on the market.

Which phone cases or wallets have blown you away over the years? Share your favorites in the replies!