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Where to Find the Best Travel Wallets

Best Travel WalletsWhether you are going for a run, getting on an airplane, or exploring a foreign city for the first time, the thought of keeping all of your most important belongings close—in a covert and comfortable way—is an attractive one. With a good travel wallet, holster, or belt, you will be able to do just that, but where can you find the best travel wallets?

Which brands or designs can you trust? Read on for a rundown of all the best places to shop for travel wallets! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a place to stow your phone, your driver’s license, or a bit of emergency cash: one of these retailers will provide you with the perfect solution!

A Few Pre-Shopping Considerations

Before you start actually hitting or list of places to find the best travel wallets, there are a few questions you will want to consider. The term “travel wallet” can encapsulate a lot of different types of products. Some of the travel wallets you see will look like pretty standard wallets, along the lines of what you would tuck into a purse or slip into a back pocket. Others will be slimmer and more covert fanny packs that you can wear unobtrusively underneath your clothes. You’ll see money belts that are actual belts where you can hide cash; you’ll see clutch bags or wallets that hang around your neck; you’ll see holsters that allow you to carry your phone, tablet, wallet, or other belongings comfortably underneath your arm.

Bottom line, there are a lot of different options to choose from when shopping for a travel wallet, so considering the above styles and deciding which one appeals to you most will help you to focus your search. It’s also worth considering how much stuff you will need to conceal in your travel wallet on a regular basis. If you’re planning on carrying around a tablet, you will need something larger than you would if you were just looking to conceal your phone, your passport, and some cash.

Now, without further ado, the best places to find high-quality travel wallets!

amazonAmazon is the mother load when you are shopping for pretty much anything online, and their selection of travel wallets is versatile and worth looking at even if you decide to buy elsewhere. Want to see pictures, brands, and prices for each of the different kinds of travel wallets described above? A simple search for “travel wallet” on Amazon will give you a pretty good cross-section of the different types of products that are available to you.

For instance, do you need a pretty simple, no-frills wallet design?

  • Lewis N. Clark RFID Travel Wallet – This is a well-reviewed (and inexpensive!) option made of an RFID-safe material that will prevent thieves from scanning your wallet to steal credit card numbers and other personal information. Want a fanny pack that won’t allow locals to instantly identify you as a tourist?
  • Eagle Creek Money Belt – This product is an unobtrusive money belt that will keep your most important belongings close and out of sight. Do you want a travel wallet option that hangs around your neck instead of clipping around your waste?
  • Travel Navigator Neck Wallet and Passport Holder – This is a popular option with plenty of space for your passport, your phone, and other items.


These products and many others can be found on, where a general search for “travel wallet” will yield you more than 240,000 results. If you really aren’t sure what kind of travel wallet you are looking for, but want to get an idea of the options and prices available to you, then Amazon is the best place to look. You can also look at sales ranks and customer reviews to make sure you find a high quality and well-proven travel wallet.


eholster-logo-color-webAt e-Holster we pride ourselves on creating unique, innovative, and feature-rich travel wallets tailored specifically for mobile users. For many of us, being away from our phones or tablets is simply not an option—even when on vacation. Our mobile devices are essential for communication, work, navigation, daily planning and productivity, and thanks to apps like Apply Pay, even finalizing transactions. As a result, keeping your phone or tablet safe and accessible at all times is of paramount importance, and the travel wallets we design at e-Holster are made with that necessity in mind.

Our travel wallets span a range of different designs.

  • Wallet Cases – Our e-Vibe wallet case is a durable and high-quality leather wallet that clips securely to your belt, while the
  • Gadget Shoulder Holster – A unique shoulder holster was designed to get your phone, your iPod, and any other gadgets or belongings “off your belt, out of your pockets, and into a comfortable carry-all shoulder holster.”
  • Modular Shoulder Holsters -If you want to conceal all your personal belongings we offer a modular shoulder holster to carry your phone, wallet, iPad Mini, and many other items.
  • Tablet Shoulder Holsters – We also design shoulder holsters that will allow you to easily and conveniently carry your tablet,
  • Waist Pack & Running Belt – While traveling this is a great way to conceal your personal items including your phone, passport, money, keys, and more. It has a double-pouch to store and conceal a lot of items.



travelsmith-logoTravelSmith’s selection of travel bags and wallets is more traditional than e-Holster’s, but is worth checking out for an array of high-quality options. This company specializes in crafting attractive wallets, pouches, fanny packs, and other products that are all made with RFID-safe technology.

RFID, which we mentioned earlier, stands for “radio frequency identification,” and is a technology that some credit cards are using these days.

Different credit card companies use RFID technology for systems like PayPass (MasterCard), Zip (Discover), payWave (Visa), and more—all of which allow for easy, contactless credit card payments. Unfortunately, these cards are also always emitting an electromagnetic signal, and with the right equipment, hackers can pick up that signal and steal your credit card information through a bag or wallet.


There you have it! Our three top choices for where you can find the best travel wallets on the market. Happy shopping, and let us know which wallet, case, holster, or money belt you decide to pick up!