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Students Heading Back to School Can Protect Their Tablet with an iPad Shoulder Holster

ipad shoulder holsterMore than ever before, students are heading back to school equipped with technology that is essential to learning and success. And it’s not just college students who are carrying tablets around with them. Thanks to educational grants and forward thinking school districts, many high school and even elementary schools are providing iPads for their students to use as an educational tool. An iPad shoulder holster is a great investment to keep that tablet safe and undamaged.

When the final bell rings, you can just imagine what life is like inside the hallways of a high school. Students are rushing to their lockers, bumping into each other, throwing books, notebooks, and supplies haphazardly into a backpack to get out of there as quickly as possible. Unfortunately one of the biggest causes of damage to a tablet is this kind of situation. When it is in a bag with other items, the screen can get scratched or cracked, and being jostled around may cause the device to stop working.

Protect Your Investment in Technology

A shoulder holster may be the perfect place to keep an iPad because it keeps the device against the body, where it will be well-protected. The iPad shoulder holster has many features that make it a smart purchase:

  • Pocket with velcro flap that holds an iPad or any other tablet securely
  • Nylon and padded neoprene keep the device safe from bumps and scratches
  • Additional pocket to hold a smartphone
  • 2 zippered pockets to hold additional items, such as cash, notepads, pens, and styluses.
  • Internal wire conduit system to listen to music on-the-go
  • Fully adjustable to fit any size

Students heading back to school using an iPad or any other tablet must have a plan in place to keep the device safe. Invest in an e-Holster iPad shoulder holster to keep your tablet secure as you start another busy school year.