New Fashion Trend: Small Bags and the Wallet Case

It’s the same deal again. The cashier clerk watching you with a
sympathetic smile, the person behind hiding his impatience by looking
down and tapping his foot, and you, furiously digging through your purse
looking for the one benefits card that you knew you brought
and had seen just 10 minutes ago in the car. Eventually you find it –
that is, after emptying your phone, keys, receipts, coins, makeup, candy
bars (when do they expire again?), license, women’s toiletries,
chargers, earphones, book, nail polish, water bottle, tissues, and gum
onto the counter. Well, that was quite a bit of effort for one Hershey’s
chocolate bar. Worth the embarrassment?

Probably not.

Smaller is Healthier, and More Fashionable

The difference between women and men going out is rather clear in
what they bring. Men find comfort in their pockets, women in large bags
dragging from their shoulders. However, according to recent this article from the Wall Street Journal, these days, smaller is better.
Women are finding not only is smaller more fashionable, it’s also more
convenient and in fact, healthier for their back, neck, and shoulder
muscles. According to the American Chiropractic Association, purses
should not be more than 5% of one’s body weight (to put that in
perspective, a woman weighing 140 pounds should not be carrying more
than 7 pounds over her shoulder!); otherwise, women may experience
problems with muscle pains, headaches, and even arthritis in the future.
Thus, for short trips especially, many women have come to find that all
they really need to bring is their phone
, credit cards, cash, and ID – not so much a 10-pound purse filled with
old makeup and used tissues.

Do You Really Need All That Stuff?

The cutting down of items, in addition, has the added effect of helping women stay organized. According to this one article writer from
Outlish Magazine, among the top reasons women tend to stuff so many
things into larger bags is that they simply like having unnecessary
things. Other reasons include just “filling the space” and having things
“just in case.” Minimizing bag size not only helps women prioritize
which items they need, but also learn to take notice of what is
important in their daily lives and what is not. Do you really need
a bottle of pink nail polish or camera with you to go to the movies? Or
are you good with just a credit card, phone, ID, cash, and maybe a
tissue or two if it’s The Notebook?

Keep It Simple & Convenient

So where can women look to, then, for minimalizing? Small, designer
purses are not for those trying to work off a tight budget, and other
types of bags appear of low quality and usually are not customized to
carrying simply cards and phones.

The answer to such a quandary is surprisingly simple: looking into buying a wallet case or front pocket wallet.
These products are designed specifically for fitting the phone, credit
cards, ID, cash, earphones, and nothing more. They are made of the
highest quality materials and built to last for extensive daily use.
Furthermore, they come in black – which as you know, matches with just
about anything, even that one-sleeved tye-dye shirt. Even more
importantly, as one woman, a writer and former professional organizer,
stated on the WSJ, men have commented to her that they actually “think
it’s kind of cool that you’re not lugging around this big bag.”

So for women who aren’t looking for expensive, name-brand designer
purses and just a practical form of carrying the daily necessities of
life, these may just be perfect for your consideration. Visit eHolster today to order, and you may just find it as a step on the way to a more organized, focused, and sociable life.