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How to Style Utility Belts and Harnesses

A leather utility belt filled with tools and resting on a whitewashed wooden surface

Utility belts, vests, and harnesses are an everyday part of life for many professionals. You may be hoisting a scanner, hooking a hammer, or belaying from power poles. From inventory management to emergency rescue, wearing a utility belt or harness is just a part of working life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. There are many vibrant and even functional ways to style utility belts, work harnesses, or utility vests with just a few small modifications.

Want to color-code your holsters and never mistake which belt is yours on the hook? Try one or more of the following pro techniques for organizing and styling utility belts, harnesses, and vests.

1) Racing Stripes in Colorful Tape

Pick a sturdy, colorful duct tape, fabric tape, or other utlity tape. Cut long, thin strips and use them to add a colorful striped accent to your utility belt or harness. Use loops of tape to add stripes to the ends of your belt to clearly mark it at each end or buckle. You can use the same strips of colorful tape around the top of each scanner holster, phone clip, and other items that clip to your belt.

2) Mark Loops, Ends, and Holsters

With tape or paint, use colorful markings to indicate how your utility belt should be used. Mark loops on the belt so they’re easier to spot and quickly hook a tool without turning your head. Add marks to the ends of your belt with bright tape to make it easier to find and grab when you’re in a hurry. Mark holsters and the items that dock within them with the same color of tape to make sure they are always paired. With your utility belt, vest, or harness color-coded for use, you’ll increase your speed using the belt holsters without looking or hesitation.

3) Fabric Paint Stripes on the Straps

Fabric paint is another great way to style utility belts or vests made of utility canvas straps. Fabric paint is designed to cling to fibers like those of a belt strap and what most tool and scanner holsters are made of. If you have a fair hand with a paintbrush, you can add all sorts of details to a utility belt with fabric paint. But you don’t have to be talented. A simple stripe, even painted between guiding lines of temporary tape, can really brighten up your belt and holsters. Add bright lines, patterns, or even paint-on markers for where your holsters should ride when clipped onto the belt or straps.

4) Style Utility Belts with Custom Paint on Tool Handles

The tools that go into your utility belt can also be both stylized and made more useful with the same project. Paint or tape the handle-ends of your tools where they dock in your tool belt. If you are marking multiple belts and sets of tools, pick a different color for each. For one belt, consider color-coding the holster to the tool or marking color by type of tool.

Then, use this color-coding system to always pair the right tools with the right belt and holster. Not only will your belt and tool set look more personalized and vibrant, but you’ll also have an easier time reassembling your inventory at the beginning and end of each work shift.

5) Add a Length Measurement Ruler

Want to style utility belts or harnesses while making them into quick, useful tools? Mark a ruler onto it. Pick a unit of measure and your marking medium – either tape or paint – then measure and mark precise intervals. You can then use a strap of your belt, vest, or harness to quickly gauge the length of things. Plus, the measurement marks will look pretty darn snazzy when wearing your utility belt around the workplace or project site.

6) Sew On New Loops and Buttons

Wish your utility belt was more useful than it is? You can add more features with just a few turns of the sewing needle. Sew on new loops, holsters, and hookable buttons to any utility strap you wear everyday. If the belt or harness belongs to you, why not alter it to better suit your needs? You can sew cargo pockets onto pants or an apron, and you can sew new loops onto a utility belt.

Here at e-holster, we’ve worked with hundreds of professionals who need holsters and utility belts every day. We know the ins and outs of convenient on-the-go equipment – and the ways to make them more personal for your workflow and style. Check out our holsters to enhance your utility belt experience.