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5 Ways to Wear a Barcode Scanner Holster

Wearing a barcode scanner does not come naturally to everyone. But in businesses where barcode scanning is a daily occurrence, it’s normal for staff to need one on-hand. Barcode scanner holsters can keep the team hands-free and the holsters close. They also reduce confusion and make it easier for staff to keep track of their assigned scanners. But not everyone on the team may be a natural at wearing a holster.

Some may find a heavy belt to be too alien to their normal style of dress. Some may find that barcode scanner holsters are too heavy, or that clothing doesn’t look right when wearing the holster. Good news: there’s more than one way to wear barcode scanner holsters. Check out these five different methods for wearing a scanner holster and find out if one or more can offer your team the closure they need.

1) Sturdy Utility Belt

The first and most traditional way to wear a barcode scanner holster is looped onto a belt. Of course, barcode scanners aren’t weightless. Your employees will need strong, sturdy belts that are capable of holding a scanner. Clipping the holster onto the top of pants won’t do unless you want a lot of slipping pants in the near future. Instead, ask your scanner-bearing employees to wear a sturdy belt that is capable of holding up to the weight of a holstered scanner.

2) Shoulder Holster Harness

Another option for an ultimately well-supported barcode scanner is the shoulder holster. Strapped to your chest and torso, the shoulder holster harness uses the power of distributed force to make a holster at your hip or chest (or wherever you want the holster) effectively weigh less. A shoulder holster is ideal for professionals who do a lot of physical movement during their shifts like climbing, building, or passing boxes.

A shoulder holster is also a great alternative for any employee who has medical or logistical problems with carrying the holster on their belt.

3) On a Satchel Bag Strap

One creative way to solve the holster question is to clip it onto the strap of a satchel bag. There are several occupations that involve wearing a bag that slings across the chest, already distributing weight in a  way that can be both ergonomic and functional. Mail carriers, for example, carry both a satchel and scanners and can combine the two for a quick all-in-one solution.

4) Drop Leg Strap (Thigh Holster)

A thigh holster uses the drop leg bag technology only with sturdy straps instead of a handy pouch. Essentially, one strap forms a belt-like loop around your waist while another wraps around your lower thigh. This creates such an effective weight-carrying base that you can carry almost any kind of holster between the two straps and find it easy to work with. Thigh holsters are another great alternative for staff members who ask for something other than a belt holster location.

5) Hanging from a Storeroom Shelf

Of course, a barcode scanner holster doesn’t necessarily have to be attached to a staff member. Holsters are a great way to keep track of a scanner and make sure it is ready and available when needed. Some venues will hang a barcode scanner holster from a storeroom shelf where it is most often needed so that any team member working inventory will have the scanner at hand.

Keeping your team equipped with barcode scanners is easier than you might have thought. Scanner holsters are not only convenient for setting down and keeping track of scanners, but they can also mount in a variety of ways so that no one employee is limited to an undesirable way to stay equipped. For more great insights or to build a barcode scanner holster set for your team, contact us today!