The 3 Most Common Mistakes Women Make When Purchasing a Wallet

Although men may have trouble understanding the feminine addiction to purses, we can relate when it comes to the most personal of “maleness” purchases – the wallet. And for those who have a more evolved sense of utilitarian travel needs, more specifically – the front pocket wallet.


So then, why is it so hard to buy a wallet for your man?

It doesn’t matter what pocket you place the wallet, there is a good chance this purchase will follow your man for many years to come. Pick the right one and you gain his favor. Pick the wrong one and you will get pleasant words of polite appreciation, only later to find your new gift purchase in his drawer while he continues to carry and even hide his tattered wallet in his front pocket.

In an effort to peel back the curtain of the male psyche, I shared the 3 most common mistakes women make when making a wallet purchase for their man. It would be great if you purchased one of our eHolster front pocket wallets for your man. But, the last thing we want is you dissatisfied because your man didn’t respond to your gift giving as expected.

Mistake #1: Men don’t buy wallets like women buy purses.

We don’t accessorize our clothing with color-coordinated wallets. And we don’t have a closet or even dresser full of wallets. We have ONE trusty friend to hold and protect our cash. And a bevvy of spares we seldom use, most commonly received as gifts from the ill informed, but well intentioned gift-givers.

Why are men so attached to ONE pocket wallet?

Often the wallet we carry is a relic, a throw back from yesteryear. Often a gift given to us by our father as a right of passage from adolescence to man-hood. Some cultures embrace tattoo’s as a right of passage. In our modern culture, pocket wallets are up there with our first beer, first kiss and our first muscle-car. Is it any wonder your man isn’t so easily parted with his wallet?

As a kid I remembered the fascination I held for my fathers leather bound, tan and faded wallet. Years of wear molded the wallet into a more usable shape, therefore making it more personal and hence valuable, like a trust baseball glove. The smell was a combination of worn-leather and money. You know the smell, once you’ve caught a whiff you never forget it. And whenever I was asked to retrieve it for my ol’ man, I was always overly joyed to comply. Dad rarely lets anyone touch his wallet. The only thing better than getting your first hundred dollar bill from your dad is getting your first wallet from him.

Mistake #2: Men do not get tired of their pocket wallet over time, they grow more attached.

Young boys often view their fathers wallet with reverence and mystique, almost as if it holds special powers. Like a mythical kibisis, pocket wallets seem to hold magical powers of never-ending money creation. Mom figured that out long ago. : ) It doesn’t take long for kids to learn to ask dad for money too. Over time, wallets become symbolic of the wealth we wield. Don’t be put off if your man gradually starts to use the wallet you purchase him, he may feel the need to use the old one for reassurance. Be patient. Wallets have many purposes including carrying the head of Medusa herself.

Many men like wallets with multi-functional capabilities, such as eHolster front pocket wallets. If your man is constantly fumbling with his phone, shifting it from one pocket to the next, perhaps he would like the combination this product offers.

Mistake #3: Men do not view their wallet as fashion.

Most men do not view their wallet as a display of fashion, they often view it as a utilitarian tool; police officers have their guns, knights have their swords, construction workers their hammers. A wallet is viewed as a tool to protect and organize their money, credit cards and other accessories. And like the “tools of the trade” it must serve the purpose of use, not ascetics. The ability to carry your phone with your wallet is an added bonus of utilitarian functionality, but it will never be viewed as fashion statement.

The conversation between two men over an eHolster revolves around its convenience and quickness of use. We will not be discussing if it comes in any other colors, or if it has a matching iPad case.

If you have any questions about front pocket wallets and the mistakes made while purchasing them, please contact us at any time. Oh, eHolster products are backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.