How to Choose a Front Pocket Wallet for Your Man

Ladies when gift giving (Father’s day, his birthday, Christmas, or any gift giving occassion), keep the 3 most common mistakes in mind when buying your man a new front pocket wallet. You will avoid the disappointment of making the wrong front pocket wallet purchase. Keep function in mind over fashion as it will help you steer clear of disappointment.

There is no shortage of front pocket wallets for you to choose from:

The only problem with most front pocket wallets:

Lack of Imagination

They all look the same, don’t they? Sure they are made form different materials, but they all have similar design characteristics, like curved edges and metal latch’s. There are some color variations and design characteristics unique to specific brands, but they do not seem to have that “technological edge”. If you were buying a front pocket wallet for a man who does not carry a mobile phone, then an eHolster front pocket wallet is probably not for you. However, if the recipient can’t live without the latest mobile gadget, then this may be the product for him.

Lack of Current Technological Functionality

The eHolster’s main feature, besides being a front pocket wallet, is the inclusion of a pocket for your cell phone, iPhone or Blackberry. In today’s technology driven world it is difficult to function without a mobile phone. The eHolster front pocket wallets combine the best of utilitarian functionality and technology design.


Here are 4 questions to ask and answer before choosing a new eHolster wallet for your self or as a gift.

  1. Where do you carry your wallet? Front or back pocket? You can carry the eHolster wallet in the back pocket, however beware when carrying your phone in your back pocket so as not to sit on it possibly damaging your phone.
  2. Do you carry a smart phone or cell phone? Choose the right product to go with the right phone. The eHolster comes in multiple product versions with different sized wallet pockets to carry your mobile phone.
  3. What kind of phone do you carry? Match the brand of the mobile phone with the right eHolster brand front pocket wallet. We offer three versions of the eHolster for the Blackberry, iPhone and one for most standard brands of mobile phones and smartphones.
  4. How easily do you need access to your phone and accessories.

Regardless of the style of eHolster front pocket wallet you choose we are certain you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase or we will give you your money back. eHolster products provide the best in mobile phone and wallet combinations.

eHolster offers three types of wallets: Front pocket wallets, wallet cases to wear on your belt and one to carry in a shoulder holster under your arm. All offer quick access to your phone and peripherals. It is just a matter of your personal preference as to the one you desire.

If you have any questions about front pocket wallets, please contact us at any time.