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The Smartphones Still on the Way in 2014

Like any other year, 2014 has already brought its fair share of headlines in the mobile industry. From Google’s continued ramp up to the inevitable release of its highly touted Glass headset, to the enthusiastic reviews Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 received upon its arrival, all the way to the speculation about whether or not Amazon’s Fire Phone will be successful, tech followers have gotten plenty to talk about this year.

However, as exciting as the spring and summer have been for mobile, there is still much more to come throughout the remainder of the year. Here are the smartphone releases that we will be watching this fall and throughout the rest of the summer.

The Apple iPhone 6

apple_rainbow_logoApple releases a new smartphone every year, and every year, their phone is at or near the top of the list as far as most anticipated new devices are concerned. This year is especially exciting given the fact that Apple will not just be giving us a slight redesign of the iPhone 5 like they did last year, but will instead be moving on to an entirely new generation for their flagship handset.

Rumor has it that the iPhone six will drop in September, as has become the like-clockwork norm for the Cupertino, California-based company. Many other rumors about the phone have been swirling around for months now. Many speculate that Apple will release two different sizes of the device, one with a 4.7-inch display and another with a 5.5-inch display. Both would be substantially larger than the 4-inch display of the iPhone 5 and 5S. Another idea is that the phone will have a bendable screen.

Not much has been confirmed about the phone, but expect other new features, including a lightning-fast A8 processor chip and a new mobile operating system, to arrive with the announcement of the phone this fall.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung_LogosvgNot to be outdone by Apple’s “two iPhone” rumor, Samsung is looking to drop another twist on its flagship smartphone model by the end of the year. The phone in question is still a big mystery, to the point where it does not even have an official name yet (Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Prime, and Galaxy F have all been given as nicknames for the device). However, most guesses point to the Alpha being a “premium” version of the Galaxy S5, and because the S5 was pretty premium to begin with, we are excited to see what an even more advanced version of the phone might look like.

The HTC One E8

htc_logoHTC has done a good job of distinguishing itself from other Android competitors in recent years and has in many ways become the third big competitor of the smartphone marketplace after Apple and Samsung. The HTC One was the phone that brought the company into the big leagues, and the E8 will be the third variation of the device to hit shelves.

So what’s new to the E8? In addition to offering the phone in a variety of colors, HTC has introduced a number of new features with the E8, including intriguing new uses of motion-sensing technology (you can answer the phone simply by lifting it to your ear, for instance), more powerful speakers, and an ergonomic new handset design.

The One E8 is available in certain Asian markets already, but it has not made its way to the United States just yet.

What other smartphones are you looking forward to this year? Share your picks in the comments!