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Top 5 Travel Wallets for the 2013 Holiday Gift Giving Season

Does your holiday gift list contain the names of several ardent travelers? Has their passion for trekking across the globe got you furrowing your brows over what to buy? Never fear. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 travel wallets on the market today. Either one should make your beloved wanderers quite happy:

Top Travel Wallet #1: e-Holster Front Pocket Wallet with iPhone Pouch

First on our list is the e-Holster Front Pocket Wallet with iPhone Pouch. As a gift giver, you may appreciate knowing that the felt-lined cell phone pouch is universal. So you won’t need to be concerned if the intended gift recipient purchases a new cell phone before or after the holidays. Your loved ones, on the other hand, will surely appreciate the number one travel wallet’s design. Made with genuine leather, it is attractive and tough enough to survive extended use. Each one features an easy access ID holder slot, zippered coin pocket and two 3.25 inch wide card slots. Thus, traveling through check points, turn styles and the like will undoubtedly be a breeze.

Top Travel Wallet #2: Levenger Road Scholar

Next up on our top five list is the Levenger Road Scholar. It secured its number two spot thanks to several smart design features. Those features include a zipper closure, outside ID pocket, zipper coin pocket and ample storage space. Together, they make this top travel wallet extremely versatile, secure and convenient to use in crowded environments.

Top Travel Wallet #3: Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket

Securely positioned third on our list is the Eagle Creek Undercover Hidden Pocket. Designed with the die-hard traveler in mind, it features a nylon ripstop exterior complete with a belt. Those elements will help to ensure that your loved ones’ belongings are kept close. The item’s other design features include mesh pockets and a tricot knit backing for comfort.

Top Travel Wallet #4: PortaPocket Hidden Leg Wallet

Weighing in at number four is the PortaPocket Hidden Leg Wallet. Although it is marketed to both genders, ladies that like to wear dresses while traveling tend to enjoy it more. Made of neoprene, it fits around the leg like a garter belt. The removable pockets come in various sizes and are attached to the garter as needed.

Top Travel Wallet #5: Dunhill Biometric Wallet

Last on our top five travel wallets list is the Dunhill Biometric. Designed for all of the James Bond types out there, it features tech driven security features. On that list of features are a built-in alarm and fingerprint reader lock meant to frustrate pickpockets. On the downside, it doesn’t come with a phone pocket and sports a jaw-dropping price tag.