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Travel Wallet | For the Man Who Has Everything

man-with-everythingWomen have always had the convenience of having a purse. It was
generally thought that women had more “stuff” to carry around then men.
The only thing men needed to carry around was money, credit cards and a
driver’s license. So, for men, a small wallet that could be placed in
the back pocket sufficed.

But in today’s world of technology, both men and women now have
cellphones, smartphones and iPods to carry around. A small, square
wallet no longer suffices for today’s man.

A Smart and Useful Alternative to the Wallet

evolve-backpocket-lgThe e-Volve Gadget Shoulder Holster
is small enough to wear comfortably over the shoulder, yet, large
enough to hold a smartphone, a cellphone, set of keys and all items
normally carried in a wallet.

Perfect for the man who travels, the man who hunts, or the man who
just wants to carry his necessities and gadgets without having to fill
his pockets. Everything conveniently organized in one place.

Not only does this make a perfect gift for the man who has
everything, it’s great for women too. More comfortable to wear than a
heavy purse and is perfect for summer picnics and activities that don’t
really call for a purse but can hold the items that are needed.

For men, it replaces the uncomfortable feeling of sitting on a hard leather wallet that leaves wear marks on your pants pockets. And, it secures all his personal items in a very comfortable and very concealable shoulder holster travel wallet.

The Perfect Gift

So, if you’re traveling soon or just looking for the perfect gift, check out our selection of travel wallets for the man who has everything.