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What 5 Cell Phone Travel Apps Should You Keep in Your Pouch?

The plane leaves tomorrow morning at 9 pm bound for London’s Heathrow airport. The flight arrives at 6am the following day. You have never flown outside the United States before, so you are part nervous and part excited thinking of the adventures that lay ahead.

You set your trusty iPhone alarm, to wake you early the next day, place it back in your cell phone case and off to bed you go. Tomorrow is a full day of last minute tasks leaving plenty of time plenty of time to get through the security lines at the airport to be at the boarding gate within 2 hours of departure.

Nervous? Excited? No, you are both.

What did we do without the convenience of smartphones, years ago? How did we ever manage to plan for a trip? Today, there are hundreds of iPhone apps (paid and free) you can download to help you make the most of your travels. Having your eHolster Front Pocket Wallet with Cell Phone Pouch is a great way to secure your iPhone or other smart phone device when getting around town. But, what about when you travel? We have found it to be one of the best travel companions you can take with you. A convenient cell phone pouch to have essential information at your fingertips, via travel applications.

With so many travel applications on the market, where do you even begin to start looking to find the most useful apps. If you have an iPhone you can check out the Apple iPhone travel apps page or search through the app store in your iTunes desktop application.

We road tested these apps and we feel good about suggesting them to you to get started with your trip planing responsibilities. Let us know what you think of them in the comment section below. Of course if you have an eHolster Front Pocket Wallet with Cell Phone Pouch, even better. : )

Organizing the details of a trip can be a real hassle. When it comes to the actual travel details we found the free iPhone app TripIt, is a great place to start.


1. TripIt Travel Organizer (TripIt on iTunes, TripIt website) – This iPhone app is great for planning your flight and hotel accommodations. This comes in handy for organizing your essential travel information. According to the Tripit press release: TripIt, is the leading mobile trip management service from Concur (Nasdaq CNQR). They now boast more than 330 applications leveraging the TripIt API (application protocol interface), almost double from a year ago. The apps offer value to travelers’ by allowing them to connect TripIt data to services that offer everything from flight tracking, to accessing boarding passes, to meeting new people while traveling, or calculating one’s carbon footprint while traveling.


2. Currency App (Currency App on iTunes, Currency App website) – While on the road, converting between different currencies can be a hassle, especially if you are traveling to unfamiliar lands with different currencies. Sure, you may be able to remember the rates for an exchange between the US dollar and the Euro on a certain day, or even catch the currency exchange rates at the local exchange kiosks. But what happens if you travel through three different countries all with two different currencies. This is common for traveler’s heading to Switzerland, remember their currency is the Swiss Franc, not the Euro as with he surrounding coutries.

Make sure to budget for those unexpected expenses while traveling. Currency exchanges at the airport are notorious for poor exchange rates. Do you need to know how to exchange the US dollar into British pounds or Euro’s? Try the Currency app available for both iPhone and Android.

Currency Tip: This app allows for a quick currency check so you can be sure you are paying a fair rate for the chocolate and cheese you will definitely buy. Using the different compartments of the eHolster cell phone pouch will keep your currency organized. Also this app may not always be available if you do not have access to the Internet. Be sure to check the currency rates for some common denominations, ie. 20, 50, 100, 200. Write the exchange rate down on a piece of paper to quickly reference without accessing your phone or looking like a tourist.


3. Weather+ (Weather+ on iTunes, Weather+ website)- Keep this app handy when you travel. Your cell phone pouch may keep your phone dry in wet weather, but knowing the forecast will help you properly prepare in advance. Weather+ offers a paid and free version to their weather forecast app. We found the features of the paid version to be well worth the .99 investment.

UK Travel Tip: Traveling to London? Don’t forget your umbrella, right? Wrong! Not using the umbrella part, no matter what time of year you go to London it is likely you will be using an umbrella. But, the question of weather you should pack one for your trip will enter your mind. We would suggest no. Instead pick one up when you get there. Depending on how heavy you pack, the space an umbrella takes could me used much wiser. You can also elect to wear your rain protective jacket while boarding the plane. You don’t have to actually wear it to board, you can carry it with you over your other jacket. This tip also helps save you valuable space when packing.

So far we have most of the essentials covered for your trip. Knowing where you are going is the topic of the last two apps. Find out more about where you are going and what other unique destinations the area has to offer.

clip_image0084. Google Places – Once you get to where you are going, using a map will be crucial to helping you navigate unfamiliar places. Tuck a paper map in your back pack or cell phone pouch to use in the event you run out of battery or Internet connection. Using the Google Places app for the iPhone and Android will help get you around when connected. Hopefully, without looking too much like a tourist when “busting out” the map on the street corner.

Travel Reading Tip #3:
You have some places picked out, but what should you read on the plane? Do you plan to read the magazine in the seat-back pouch on the airplane? How about something with more character and real world-travel advice from actual world-travelers.


5. Lonely Planet Travel Guides – Lonely Planet offers arguably the best travel guides available on the market today. Having access to them on your iPhone or Android phone is a huge bonus. Years ago travelers with limited space could only take at most two travel guides. Invariably, a Lonely Planet guide topped the list of must haves. Be sure to read up on where you are headed via the Lonely Planet travel guide, you will not be disappointed.

We hope these travel tips help you as much as our eHolster cell phone pouch products. Keeping your phone handy is important if you plan to use these awesome apps. : )

Drop a comment below about any of these apps, or if you want to share your travel experiences with us.