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The Wallet Phone Case: A Modern Multi-Purpose Solution

Things that can go in a wallet phone case like a passport, ID, credit cards, etc., spread out on the floor with a pink hat and sunglasses

Traditional, old-fashioned wallets were great for a long time until the cell-phone came along. Now, not a single fancy leather wallet or economical sports wallet that fits into your pocket makes room for the one item you probably use more than your debit card, credit cards, and cash combined: your cell phone. Plus, with all the essential items you may now need on a regular basis due to COVID-19, such as sanitizing wipes and masks, a wallet with an outdated style will never accommodate.

The e-Vibe Wallet Phone Case created by e-Holster comes in two sizes and two material styles to choose from. The cases are worn on your belt, and they transform the concept of a wallet and a cell phone case into one functional masterpiece. The design of e-Vibe is very comfortable, featuring a low-profile heavy-duty stainless steel belt clip and two additional nylon belt clips for total security.

Small Wallet Phone Case

If you’re very accustomed to an old-fashioned wallet in your back pocket, and/or you’ve opted to keep your cell phone on the smaller size, the small case is probably the best way to go to break into the modern multi-purpose solution of a wallet phone case.

Even the small wallet phone case packs a big punch of added space when compared to the outdated wallet style. It provides many compartments, with strategically designed spaces for easy access, as well as protective access, to your ID card, other cards, cash, change, earbuds, and of course, your smartphone.

Best of all, the smartphone compartment is elastic for a perfect fit, and the main closure is magnetic, so you don’t have to fight zippers, or worry about exposing or spilling your stuff. The magnets used in wallet phone cases are “rare earth magnets,” which are guaranteed not to disrupt or affect your credit cards or smartphones in any way.

The smartphone compartment also has a finger push-up hole at the bottom to ensure you can quickly and easily remove your smartphone any time you want or need.

Other Functional Features

  • The ID holder slot has an oval-shaped thumb slide, so you never have to struggle to get out your ID.
  • The zippered coin pocket ensures that you never have to search for loose change or worry about coins falling-out.
  • There’s a convenient key-clip, ensuring that all the items you need are in one multi-purpose compartment.
  • The outside quick-access accessory pocket takes the e-Vibe cell phone wallet by e-Holster to the next level, where you choose what you want to grab the quickest. Whether you need super-fast access to personal care supplies, lists, notes, or breath mints, the accessory pocket will meet your varied demands.

Large Wallet Phone Case

Ideal for those who have larger smartphones and are ready to take full advantage of this modern multi-purpose solution, the large case has all the features of the large wallet phone case, with a few added inches of space, plus an extra card slot.

The quick access mesh pocket is 1.5-inches wider than the pocket on the small wallet phone case, making it a great choice for those who need extra space for items, such as COVID-19 essentials. Due to the stretchable material, you can easily fit several masks and even a travel-sized container of hand sanitizer into the pocket.

Leather & Ballistic Nylon

Both the small and the large e-Vibe wallet phone cases come in leather and ballistic nylon. The finely hand-crafted PU leather cases are classic and stylish, great for professionals, and casual to upscale business and personal attire. The high-grade ballistic nylon cases are more rugged looking and exceptionally durable, which are perfectly designed for outdoor or hands-on professionals, as well as sports enthusiasts, hikers, and avid travelers.