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4 Industries that Can Benefit from iPad Carrying Cases

According to iDatalabs, there are over 45,000 companies who provide the Apple iPad to employees. The number of businesses that use iPads continues to rise along with the increase in mobile training solutions and eLearning platforms. Along with the impressive growth of iPad use by businesses across the globe comes the need to protect the millions of iPads that are being used by employees. Below are four industries that can benefit from iPad carrying cases.

1) Order Fulfillment

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that describes how warehouse operators are using iPads as part of an employment culture that is “more like home” for warehouse workers. Employees in the fulfillment industry are now using iPads to improve efficiency. They can do so in receiving departments, shipping departments, and to improve inventory control procedures.

With so many employees using iPads in a chaotic industry, carrying cases play a key role in protecting iPads from damage sustained by dropping. Additionally, cases help protect devices from exposure to the elements for companies that use a variety of cross-docking procedures.

2) Restaurants

iPad use in the restaurant industry is becoming more commonplace by the day. The iPad’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for restaurant owners and operators seeking to increase server efficiency. This can also improve communication between servers and food preparation staff. Here are some of the many ways restaurants are using iPads, highlighting the need to invest in carrying cases to protect them:

  • Servers use iPads to take food and beverage orders
  • Chefs can note that a meal is completed with a single swipe
  • Customers can use iPads provided by restaurants to leave reviews and respond to surveys
  • Any staff member can use an iPad to show customers photos of custom dishes
  • Managers use iPads to train employees on policies, procedures, and serving protocol

3) Healthcare

A growing number of hospitals, surgery centers, and physician offices are using iPads to collect patient information. This means of gathering data is popular because it shortens time in the waiting area and improves the patient experience. With many physicians seeing up to 20 patients per day, iPads for busy multi-physician practices may be held by hundreds of different people per week. Carrying cases help to protect iPads as they are handled by patients. It also helps when iPads are transferred back and forth from patients to intake staff.

4) Retail

iPads are on the rise among major retailers and small establishments alike. For example, global retailers such as Guess are using the GlobalBay iPad Retailing solution to “push out product information, search inventory, etc. to sales associates to help them serve customers.”  Here are some key ways that retail establishments are using iPads to bolster efficiency:

  • Sales staff use iPads to confirm product availability and arrival
  • Customer service representatives use them to show product options to customers
  • Managers use iPads as a training tool for new employees
  • Customers use complimentary iPads to view product options and accessories

With so many staff and customers handling iPads, carrying cases are one of the most effective ways to protect iPads from wear and tear. When selecting a trusted iPad carrying case provider, be sure to choose a supplier with extensive industry experience and an extensive collection of cases.

The Bottom Line

iPads offer a host of benefits to a wide variety of industries. They can become a sizable part of a company’s IT assets, especially for companies with over 100 employees. Protecting iPads is best achieved by investing in durable carrying cases. Regardless of the industry you are in, iPad carrying cases can help extend the life of your iPads by protecting them from damage. To learn more about the many benefits of iPad cases, we invite you to contact us at e-Holster. Our team of experts will outline the ways that iPad cases will help your business and can help ensure that you select the best iPad case for your business. We look forward to helping you protect your assets!