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5 Ways to Protect Your Wireless Barcode Scanner


Wireless barcode scanners can make tracking inventory, managing assets, and processing data significantly easier for companies of all sizes. Faulty scanners can slow down production and cause scanning to be unnecessarily frustrating, so having an operational barcode scanner is essential to a smooth-running business. However, it can be difficult to protect your technology when working in a bustling environment. Barcode scanners are expensive, so of course, you’ll want to do your best to prevent damage to this pricey equipment.

So what are the best ways to keep your wireless barcode scanners safe and protected during the busy work day? e-Holster has 5 easy-to-follow tips for you:

1. Purchase high-end protection gear.

You wouldn’t walk around without a case for your iPhone, so you definitely don’t want to do that with your barcode scanner! Investing in a proper case and holster can keep your scanner intact and safe during accidents that may have otherwise resulted in fatal breakages. No one is perfect, so bumps and drops are unavoidable. It’s better to think ahead, and protect your gear before the accident occurs rather than after.

e-Holster has a variety of durable wireless barcode scanner holsters available for purchase to keep your wireless barcode scanners protected!

2. Handle your gear with care.

Even with a proper case and holster, you will still want to handle your scanner with care to prevent drops and avoidable accidents. Take the time to demonstrate proper scanner handling and care to all your employees to ensure they understand how to hold, clean, and store their barcode scanners. Stress the importance of having the scanner tucked away safely in its holster when not in use.

3. Avoid storing your wireless barcode scanners in extreme heat or cold.

When the work day is over, make sure your employees return their scanners to a designated location. Keep your holsters and scanners at room temperature. If they are not stored properly, the scanners could potentially overheat or gain cracks. Assure they are kept in a safe space to prevent accidents or theft.

4. Regularly clean your scanner.

Over time, daily use of your scanner is bound to build up dust and grim, so cleaning your scanner regularly is an imperative step in keeping it in pristine condition. To properly clean your equipment, use a damp cloth with water or a cleaning agent and gently wipe down your scanner. You will want to avoid strong cleaning agents like acetone so you don’t damage the scanner. Make sure the wipe or cloth you are using is soft to prevent abrasions or scratches.

Furthermore, wiping down your reading window allows for faster, more accurate scans. The glass or plastic windows can be prone to electrostatic charges, so using anti-static cleaners will help to get rid of this. Rubbing the window will only increase the electrostatic charges, but lens clothes and anti-static synthetic cleansers can help reduce shocks. These materials are inexpensive and readily available online.

5. Don’t avoid professional repairs.

After repeated use, eventually your scanner will encounter issues. Some problems will be easy to diagnose and fix, others not so much. If you feel in over your head, don’t be afraid to call a professional repairer. Scanner issues can be confusing and complex, so getting an expert’s opinion can help resolve problems quickly and determine if replacing the equipment altogether is the way to go.

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