Barcode Scanners

How to Choose the Right Barcode Scanner for Your Business


With a large variety of barcode scanners available on the market, selecting the right scanner for your business can be confusing. The most common scanner types are fixed, portable, and wireless. Each scanner type has advantages, but it’s up to the purchaser to decide which best accommodates their needs.

Fixed Scanners

Fixed scanners are commonly used for retail companies at point of sale where items are scanned one at a time. These scanners are usually tethered to a terminal and do not move from their attached spot.

Portable Batch Scanners

Portable batch scanners allow for more movement and freedom than fixed scanners, since they do not have to stay in one spot. Portable batch scanners have the monitors and keypad so users can perform tasks. The scanners store this data then they later transfer it to the host computer.

Wireless Scanners

Wireless scanner hold data much like portable batch ones. However, wireless scanners transfer their data in real time which allows for instant access to your data. If your business processes multiple orders at once, this type of scanner would be the best choice.

So of these three scanners, which is the best for your business? There’s a couple factors you’ll want to consider. Drops are common, so if your building has hardwood floors, a handheld scanner you can also purchase a protector for would be a smart pick. Scanners with a rugged classification are more likely to survive a fall onto a hard surface.

If you work somewhere with a lot of dust or the possibility of your device falling into water, pay attention to the Ingress Protection (IP) rating of the scanner model being purchased. Scanners with an IP of at least 68 have a higher probability of surviving any unforeseen accidents. If employees are scanning items from far away, there are barcode scanners available with long range scanning.