The Most Important Accessory for Your Work Wardrobe? Handheld Computer Cases!

Don’t Put Your Company at Risk

One day Ted returned to his home office after having left a mine where he’d been underground. He sat down to discuss his findings with his supervisor and, after searching his pockets, realized his computer was missing! He checked his truck but no luck there. He recalled making entries in it after reemerging from the mine so he was at least relieved it wasn’t getting crushed in an underground coal seam. His carelessness, however, did not win him any points from his supervisor as he was reminded more than once how his computer contained ‘sensitive company information’ and his negligence may potentially put the company at risk.

Had Ted been in possession of a rugged, handheld computer case to attach to his belt or safety strap, this scenario could have been avoided. This was not only a lesson to Ted, but his company was suddenly made aware of the potential for such losses to occur with other employees who carried handheld computers with no good means to protect them from damage or loss.

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”

Whether you’re a small or large company whose employees work with handheld computers, e-Holster can supply handheld computer cases for most brands. Their products are rugged and quality made to withstand everyday use and then some. Your employees will love the protective padding that surrounds the device, and the heavy duty, rotating belt clip for ease of wear, thus being assured it won’t fall out of an ill-fitting pocket. Also, e-Holster’s price points are very competitive and geared toward saving you money, whether your order is minimal or by the box load! They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Visit the site and see how e-Holster can help you or your company take preventive measures to protect your valuable equipment.

As for Ted, he discovered later that evening his device had fallen out of his miner’s pants pocket and down into one of his boots, apparently in the on-site locker room where he changed back into his regular clothes before leaving the mine. Close call! But it won’t happen again now that he has a clip-on, protective case for his handheld computer.