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A Tablet Shoulder Holster – Keep Your Tablet Where You Need it When You Need it

If you’ve owned a tablet (such as an Apple iPad) for any length of time you have most likely lost it and found yourself frantically searching for it – visiting the last two offices where you had meetings, calling the place you ate lunch, and looking everywhere you’ve been for the past few hours.

Protect Your Tablet, Reduce the Bulk

No doubt you’re enough like most of us that you’ve also dropped your tablet at least once.  In the process of dealing with these issues you undoubtedly wondered if you would find your tablet damaged, broken, or find it at all.  You know you need a case but most of the ones you’ve seen add up to one more bulky package to carry and are no more convenient than what you’re doing now.

Insure Your Tablet is Where You Need It, When You Need It

Recognize the problem?  The answer is easy for people on the go, our Tablet Shoulder Holster. This compact, adjustable shoulder holster (9.6H x 8.0W x 0.7D) will carry and protect your tablet leaving your hands free and insuring that your tablet is there when you need it.


As a bonus it offers pockets for some personal item s like your wallet, keys, ID card and cash and still leaves you looking trim.  If all that is not enough to get your attention, the holster has a channel to hide ear-bud or headphone wires inside of it and a pocket for storing them at the top when they are not in use. The shoulder strap is easily adjustable, the pockets are secure and feature a Velcro closure for easy access and there’s a lifetime warranty.