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Tablet Shoulder Holster, a Modern Must-Have

For the modern businessman, from corporate CEO to small business
owner, carrying a tablet is almost a necessity.  The tablet carries
payroll information, inventory and back stock amounts, as well as
products on order and tax information.

How Convenient Can it Get?

the increasing practice of carrying one’s tablet comes the habit of
carrying the device in a tablet shoulder holster.  Tablets are very
expensive, ranging from the low-end models to $500.00 Apple iPads. A pickpocket
could make a bundle lifting an iPad from your bare hands and fencing or pawning it.

Carry and Secure Your Tablet


Don’t just carry your tablet; carry it in an e-Holster for its protection and yours. If you are walking down an urban street with your brand-new expensive iPad in your
hands, you are conspicuous, cumbersome and a moving target. The odds
are pretty good that you will be attacked and lose you most valuable
business tool.  The wisest course of action is to wear an iPad holster
obtained from e-Holster.

This well-made accessory carries not only your tablet, but most of your stuff: business cards, wallet, iPhone or other smartphone, whatever!  It is sold at a reasonable rate, and can protect your most important business accessories from weather, theft or accident.

Get a Tablet Shoulder Holster Today

Contact e-Holster online or by phone at 1-888-898-0705
and get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  e-Holster
will guide you through its website until you find what you need; wander the blog
for business hints and suggestions.  It is a very intuitive website;
the prices are reasonable and the quality is good!  Be the first in your office to have a useful and stylish iPad shoulder holster.