Barcode Scanners

Bluetooth Scanner Cases: A Necessity For Ensuring Long-Lived Equipment

Intermec CN70 Case with Rotating Belt Clip-0

Barcode scanners have been the norm in our stores for generations now. But while the codes themselves have remained relatively unchanged, the tools we use for scanning them are getting more and more advanced. In the old days, you had to bring an item to the counter to be scanned. This was because the scanner was just too big and bulky to leave that one spot. Next-generation scanners could be carried around the store. But they were big, bulky, and required a shoulder-slung battery pack to help keep them active.

Today’s scanners are even more advanced, and they tend to slimmer models with a long battery life that looks more like something out of Star Trek than it does a tool for a retail employee to cart around on the shop floor. However, if you’re going to carry around modern, Bluetooth scanners, then it’s a good idea to have Bluetooth scanner cases to go along with them.

Keep Your Scanners Close, and Safe

Another thing that’s true when it comes to changing technology is that it gets more expensive to adopt newer generations of tools. Today’s handheld scanners are sleek and smooth compared to those used by the older generation. They also represent a bigger investment on the part of the business providing them. And like any other instrument, improper handling, storage, and carrying can result in serious damages both in the short-term, as well as over the life of the scanner.

Your traditional handheld scanners tend to come in two basic forms; the pistol-grip, and the cellphone. The former is what many of think of when it comes to a barcode scanner, providing a pistol-grip to hold, and a trigger to fire the laser that scans an item. There’s typically a readout on the back or on the top that gives you all the information you need. With the cellphone model of scanner, it’s a simple handheld device that reads the barcode and then provides the information on a screen, not unlike a smartphone.


Both of these models are fairly vulnerable to the wear and tear of the job. Dropping them on the ground, having objects fall on them, and other hazards are just the daily risks these technological tools face. However, protecting these tools is fairly easy if employees have holsters and cases to keep them in.

These Bluetooth scanner cases are fairly straightforward items. They clip onto the wearer’s belt, and they’re specifically meant to fit a Bluetooth scanner. This allows employees to keep their tools in an easy-to-reach place. But it also ensures they can keep their hands free when they need to. The case itself prevents damage to the scanner from incidental contact, insulating it from bumps, scrapes, and minor impacts. Even better, these holsters and cases keep these tools safe until they need to be deployed. This cuts down on accidental droppings, incidents where the scanner gets stepped on, or other problems of that nature.

A Little Protection Goes A Long Way

These Bluetooth scanner cases are similar to the protective cases used for smartphones. Both in their construction, as well as in the theory behind their use. The devices themselves are fairly vulnerable, so you make sure they’re protected against any possible damage that could come along. And just like a smartphone, a Bluetooth barcode scanner can last for years. This is only if it’s kept holstered and properly protected while it’s out on the floor.

Without that case, though, it’s surprising the sheer volume of accidents that are out there. They are just waiting to turn that new investment into an extremely expensive addition to this week’s electronic recycling bin.