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Bluetooth Scanner Cases Complete Your Wireless Workforce Gear

Wireless gear is one of the best things to ever happen in the business world. Gone are the days of heavy power packs and long trailing power or signal lines. And gone are the days when scanners had to be pillar-mounted and only used at certain stations. Wireless devices like Bluetooth scanners for your team are essential to your modern, no-strings-attached workflow. And with these scanners comes the need for Bluetooth scanner cases.

You can’t just hand out Bluetooth scanners and call your team equipped. Each type of wireless device used in a business comes with a few accessories to complete the wireless workforce gear. One of the essentials Is a Bluetooth scanner case to hold that wireless scanner and ensure it never accidentally gets left behind or touches the floor. For Bluetooth scanner cases, we have you covered. But let’s also take a closer look at what makes a complete set of gear for your wireless on-site workforce:

Bluetooth Scanner

Naturally, your entire collection of wireless gear for the team starts with the scanner itself. You know better than anyone what your team needs in a Bluetooth scanner device and software. Chances are, you’ve already made your choice and are currently working with a set of satisfactory scanners. From here, you can build the entire rest of your gear collection around suiting your team’s workflow along with the make and model of your Bluetooth scanners.

Screen Protector

Never underestimate the value of a screen protector. Take it from someone who has been hard on a few devices. There’s nothing quite like that satisfying realization that after a bad hit, the screen protector cracked but the device did not. Splurge just a little on the glass-type screen protectors that provide more than just a thin film of protection. Trust us, you’ll replace a lot fewer devices or screens this way.

Bluetooth Scanner Cases

The devices you have will determine the best Bluetooth scanner case for the job. Do you need a phone-pouch type case or a large wireless scanner holster type case? It will depend on the design of your canners, and whether they have right-angle handles or are hand-held in the palm.

Your scanner cases should be chosen carefully for form, function, and durability. Watch out for lower-quality cases with thin material and incomplete stitching. Prioritize cases that have all the bells & Whistles like extra pouches or a slot for your device’s small antenna.

Backup Charging Cable or Adapter

There are two ways to charge your Bluetooth scanners. The first is to have a charging station that staff return to or leave their scanners on between shifts. The second is to equip your staff with the means of charging. The right option will be shaped by your facility design and existing workflow. For staff that wander far from the charging station during their duties, provide additional charging cables, perhaps vehicle-compatible, so staff can keep their Bluetooth scanners charged at all times.

Bluetooth Scanner Tether

It’s always worth mentioning tethers when talking about device holsters or cases. Some professionals swear by a tether, some dislike them. The tether takes the place of the old cable. It is just long enough to provide easy use of the scanner while short enough to prevent the scanner from hitting the ground, should it fall. A tether can also help absentminded employees to avoid losing their scanners by setting them down along the way.

The Right Belt Clip

Don’t forget the belt clip. Your team may wear big, sturdy belts, harnesses or vests, or no belt at all. Decide the best belt clipping option for your Bluetooth scanner cases based on how your team dresses, your workflow, and the clip designs you’ve had good experiences with.

Individual Scanner Labels

Finally, don’t forget to label your Bluetooth scanners. Even if it doesn’t matter which scanner any team member uses, keep track anyway. Give each scanner a unique label and take note of who takes which scanner during the day. This will help you maintain your scanner count and to track who is responsible if a scanner is damaged.

Bluetooth scanners are a wonderful addition to the business world workflow if you know how to use them. Equip your team with Bluetooth scanners and all the accessories, including great Bluetooth scanner cases. Contact us today to find out more!