iPad Carrying Case

4 Industries That Need an iPad Carrying Case

iPads and similar tablets were originally hyped as personal mobile devices. But since that time, their business uses have far outstripped the casual use of modern consumers. While not everyone owns their own iPad, millions of professionals today work with iPads in the workplace. In some industries, companies even provide iPads to their customers for the duration of service. In many of these industry iPad uses, an iPad carrying case is a key piece of equipment. This completes the efficient mobile working experience.

iPad Carrying Case

Whether your industry has professionals who work on their feet, constantly taking notes or making adjustments, or you provide a full tech experience to your customers; keeping your iPads safe from bumps and drops is key to ROI on the iPad strategy.

Today, we’re here to highlight five industries where iPad carrying cases are the smartest possible choice.

iPad Carrying Case in Education

It may surprise you to see education at the top of our list. Public schools, private schools, and schools of higher learning have all increased their use of mobile devices in the classroom. Some schools even provide children with an iPad to take home for homework assignments, projects, and out-of-class collaboration. But you don’t want to send children home with an iPad without protection.

By also providing each child with an iPad carrying case complete with a protective plastic screen cover, you can ensure that those iPads get back to class with their cases and screens intact.


The hospitality industry is also seriously picking up their use of mobile devices in service. From restaurants to resort hotels, staff equipped with iPads can take orders and handle customer requests far more quickly and efficiently than the traditional forms of information relay in hospitality services. In fact, servers assigned to a specific client or group doesn’t even need to head ‘to the back’ when orders can be sent through an iPad instead of in person.

Of course, hospitality is also an industry rife with little accidents. iPad carrying cases complete with a body strap can ensure that no bump or spill can put your workforce’s new technological


The sales industry is also very big on iPads with increasing use in the last decade. Whether your sales team works on the sales floor, helping customers who come in to find their product, or if they travel to customers directly, an iPad is an incredible tool. iPads can help to track inventory, generate service quotes, or even find an elusive item in an enormous warehouse store.

With carrying cases, your team will never have to worry about a fumble or freeing up their hands again. For travel, an iPad carrying case ensures that your sales team can never accidentally leave their iPad somewhere or drop it in transit. In the store, cases, ensure that your team can perform all their duties without ever putting the iPad down.


Manufacturing tends to be behind-the-scenes but even factories and plants have found that iPads are a game-changer in terms of management on the floor. Managers no longer have to go to the office to file a report or register a problem. In fact, the trips to and from the back office can be nearly cut out of a manufacturing workflow. Try iPads on the manufacturing floor instead of (or in addition to) walkie talkies.

And with carrying cases, your floor managers and data collectors will never have to worry about dropping their iPad or setting it on a surface that is not meant to be a surface.

If your industry or business has iPads on the floor or in the field, contact us today for the iPad carrying cases you need to streamline workflow and prevent costly accidents.