How Shoulder Holster Bags Make Public Transportation Safer

For people who live in a tightly packed city, don’t have a car, or prefer eco-friendly travel options, public transportation can be a fantastic way to get around. From underground subways to above ground trolleys and buses, if you travel via public transportation on a regular basis, you know there are certain unspoken rules. You don’t look people in the eye, you don’t touch anyone if you don’t have to, and you protect your stuff because in a crowded bus or train car, chances are there is at least one person with flexible morals and sticky fingers. The fact of the matter is that in most circles, it’s considered your responsibility not to get stolen from and mostly only the inattentive or inexperienced lose a wallet, tablet, or phone.

Here are some reasons to use shoulder holster bags for all your carrying needs…

Protecting Your Possessions

The problem is, of course, that if you’re carrying anything at all, it becomes nearly impossible to protect 100% of your personal space and your possessions. Many people resort to sitting if they can and clutching their bag or backpack to make sure that no one takes an opportunistic moment to quietly unzip a zipper and find something inside to steal. Even a purse in your lap can be at risk if you space out looking out the window. Savvy travelers on public transportation often learn to travel light with very compact gear often stowed behind buckles and small locks that are more difficult to sneak into and more noticeable if anyone tries.

The Security of Shoulder Holster Bags

Most people who use public transportation must take everything they’ll need for the day with them which means bags, briefcases, purses, and backpacks full of valuable personal items. Unfortunately, conventional bags are difficult to protect in a crowded bus or subway environment because the fastens are often at the edges with handy but insecure outer pockets. However, if you’re tired of clutching your bag and keeping an eye out for overly interested or nonchalant fellow passengers, there’s another way to do things.

Why not use a bag that stays much closer to home? Rather than going with a traditional backpack or briefcase, it may be useful to realize that there is an entire additional style of bag that holds tightly to your body, more like cargo-clothing than a normal bag. A shoulder holder bag, for example, slings across your body like a satchel bag bug holds snugly to your side under your right or left arm. These are usually large enough for a tablet, wallet, phone, and several other personal items you may need.

Your Personal Space and Possessions

The major difference between shoulder holster bags and normal backpacks is where the pockets are. With a shoulder holster, the entire bag is snug in your personal space between your arm and torso where no stranger should be reaching and the openings face inward toward your body instead of pointing out like a backpack. This means that in order to get to any of your possessions, someone would have to reach across your front directly into your personal space to even touch a zipper pull. With this kind of proximity in your line of sight, it becomes nearly impossible for someone to even try and steal from you without earning your full and unwelcome attention.

If you’re tired of clutching your purse, standing on your briefcase, or hugging your backpack on the bus, you don’t have to. With the simple switch from a normal bag to a shoulder-holster, suddenly you regain the ability to stare out the window, read a book, or listen to music while you ride without worrying about pickpockets.