5 Pickpocket-Proof Ways to Pack Your Daily Gear

There are a lot of different ways to pack your daily gear. Some people have briefcases, other have purses. Many people, especially those that work on their feet, may even bring in a day back that gets tucked in a locker. However, how you keep your wallet, phone, keys, and other personal vitals matter a great deal. most people tuck these things into pockets whenever available, either in their pants or jacket. Unfortunately, as convenient as this may be, the sight of bulging pockets shaped like square-ish valuables is almost irresistible for modern pickpockets.

Whether you’re traveling abroad or simply live and work in areas with a lot of foot traffic, getting your pocket picked is all too big a risk. If this has ever happened to you, then you know how easy it is to lose your entire wallet or phone to a pair of light fingers. If you haven’t been pickpocketed yet, we’d say there’s a first time for everything but not if you go out of your way to make yourself pickpocket proof. To help with this noble endeavor to not lose anything important while you’re on-the-go, we’ve got five great ways to make it difficult to nearly impossible for lifters to get past your defenses and into your pockets.

Types of Gear

1) Moneybelts are the Newer, Sleeker Fanny-Packs

Everyone knows that fanny packs scream ‘tacky tourist looking to be robbed’ which means that no matter how useful they are, it’s time to stop wearing them. To replace this useful if woefully unfashionable accessory, the modern moneybelt was born. Big enough to hold all your cards and necessities but sleek enough to disguise itself as a slightly bulky belt, moneybelts can allow you to stay entirely hands-free with empty pockets and no clear way to access your valuables.

2) Neck Wallets Play it Close to the Chest

The reason picking pockets has thrived as a form of crime for so long is that we don’t pay attention to our pockets. The pockets that are easy to use around the top of our pants are too far from the head and center to pay close attention to, which means sometimes you don’t notice if a wallet has been lifted until you go to pay for something later. The solution? Neck Wallets.

Bring your wallet closer to your head and core so that light fingers can’t keep their ill activities out of your eye-line. A neck wallet hangs like a lanyard around your neck and allows the wallet to rest lightly on your chest. Needless to say, you’d notice if someone were reaching for your chest and the thieves know that so theft is thwarted.

3) Shoulder Holster Bags Can Hide Under Your Jacket

For those of us who need to carry more than just a wallet and phone, the need for notebooks, tablets, and other supplies often results in having to carry a separate bag and everyone knows that bags are ripe for the picking. Especially with bags with open or snap-only tops, it’s all too easy to lose something while walking down a busy sidewalk, on the bus, or other situations where you are surrounded and can’t watch your bag from all sides.

But what if your bag could be so well hidden that pickpockets don’t even know it’s there? A shoulder holster bag hangs across the body and hugs tightly to your side so that you can slip a jacket on over it. Big enough for a tablet and a few other small pieces of gear, a shoulder holster bag is a perfect solution to increasing your carry capacity without opening yourself up to theft.

4) Drop-Leg Bags With Small Latches

You may have noticed how often we sing the praises of drop-leg bags, and that’s because they are really cool. For those of you not yet ‘in the know’, a drop-leg bag is attached by a thigh strap and belt or shoulder strap and hangs a pouch along the outside of your thigh. While this in and of itself might be a little risky for pickpockets, the simple addition of a latch will be enough to slow them down until you have time to notice someone trying to fumble with the lock hanging by your knee.

5) Carry a Decoy Wallet to Confuse and Distract

Finally, there is one fun trick you can add to any of these other innovations: the decoy wallet. If someone is really determined to steal from you, using your old beat-up wallet with a few junk cards in it is a great way to distract and disappoint thieves. It can also be thrown if you are ever actually held up in a mugging, though these instances are less rare.