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4 Reasons Why an iPad Carrying Case is Better Than a Backpack for Modern Students

Every generation of parents eventually has to face that school today is different from school when they were young. While you may be completely unphased by the fact that your children and teens are glued to their phones and tablets, how the schools are now responding to these devices is shocking even to modern parents who are fairly up on the times and trends. These days, your child is now more likely to be reading off an iPad than out of a textbook and even traditional note taking and tests are slowly being transferred to the digital world in many school districts.

This leaves a parent to wonder, how do you prepare your child for school? What kind of supplies do they need if paper is obsolete? Notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, and binders are something that has been a staple of our educational experiences for decades, so the sudden change to the digital is a little disorienting. It begs the question, does your child even need a backpack this year? If your child is learning on their iPad instead, the answer is quite easily, “No”. Instead, consider a sleek, safe iPad carrying case for the following reasons.

1) Text Books are Outdated

For centuries, textbooks were the center of formal education. Buying or acquiring the right textbook of the most recent edition is something we’re all familiar with, along with the debates about childhood back problems caused by hauling around all that paper-knowledge at once. But that’s all unnecessary now. With tablets at school desks and online texts, your child doesn’t need a backpack to haul around all those books and binders because they’ll be both reading and taking notes on the same digital device. While they’ll still need to carry and protect their device, a single tablet doesn’t need a whole backpack and, in fact, is better off in a conveniently slender iPad carrying case kept close to the body where it can’t be jostled or stolen.

2) Backpacks are Black Holes of Lost Homework

Parents today can look back on their own childhoods to know exactly what happens when you give a busy, often school-stressed child a large backpack to bring homework back with. The homework disappears. So too do report cards, notes from the teacher, and sometimes even papers a child wanted to keep track of but lost in the terrible mysterious vortex at the bottom of the bag with the other crumpled papers, crumbs, lost pencils, and the occasional unidentified sock.

3) Many Modern Classrooms are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

While classrooms just getting used to the digital education trend are often very careful to only allow kids to use classroom devices, schools eventually get better at keeping kids off apps and more comfortable with students bringing in their own devices that have their textbooks downloaded and all their homework notes. It is increasingly likely that your child will not only be allowed to but invited to bring their tablet to class and when that happens, you’re going to want them to have a good way to keep it close and safe with an iPad carrying case. Bouncing around in a roomy backpack is not ideal.

4) Backpacks are Easily Tampered With

The vast majority of school pranks are entirely harmless but it’s a simple fact that student backpacks get messed with, opened, stolen from, or have items planted in them all the time. Usually, that’s where the mysterious backpack sock comes from but there’s also a risk of another student deciding that your child’s tablet is simply too great an opportunity to overlook. They’ll either steal the tablet outright or, in the ways of modern teenagers, are just as likely to set some embarrassing background image, delete important files, or send mean messages to friends from a chat app. An iPad carrying case, on the other hand, tends to be sleek and, fit close to the body so it’s easy for the wearer to move but not for pranksters to access without being noticed.

All parents deal with the changing of the times in their own way. Some join the PTA to get connected, some have long quality talks with their child to better understand the new environment, and some encourage their children to be independent problem solvers. Whatever your parenting style, let your child leave backpacks and notebooks behind and streamline their learning experience armed with adult gear: phone, tablet, wallet, and a conveniently safe way to carry all of them on-the-go.