Protect Your Motorola Handheld Computer with a MC75 Case

MC75 Case

Walk into almost any doctor’s office these days and you wont see many files. Doctors and nurses often work off of handheld computers that hold all the needed information. The same goes for people who work in retail, hospitality, business, and technology. If you have one of these handheld computers that are vital to your job, you may want to consider buying a quality mc75 case to hold your handheld device.

Features of a Rugged Motorola Case

Keeping your device protected is very important, which is why the case is made out of the quality materials.

  • Heavy-Duty Nylon – The outside of the case is made from a heavy duty nylon that will hold up any conditions you find yourself in.
  • Soft, Padded Inside – The inside is a soft, padded nylon that ensures your device will not be damaged as you move around.
  • Open Top for Quick Access to the Device – Stretchy elastic sides hold it firmly in place while in the case, and it opens at the top so that the handheld device is easily accessible at a moments notice.
  • Removable, Rotating Belt Clip – Many workers on the go need their hands free, so the MC75 case comes with a belt clip made of heavy gauge steel that will last for years. The clip is removable so you can use the case without it too.

MC75 Case Fits Many Handheld Devices


Maybe this case is exactly what you need, but your computer is a different make or model. The case fits many similar devices made by Motorola, Honeywell, Intermec, Janam, and Symbol. Its elastic sides and open top allows some flexibility on the size of the device, but check measurements to make sure it will work for you.

Handheld computers are the lifeline of many professionals, and so it is important to keep these devices protected and available. A quality case will ensure that your device is accessible and protected as you go about your work.

Find more information on handheld computer cases at e-Holster. Our products come with a limited lifetime warranty and we off a 100% satisfaction guarantee.