Ruggedize Your Handheld Device with Handheld Computer Cases

The Motorola MC55, MC65, and MC75 all provide very convenient and efficient handheld computer options for those that work in certain industries like retail, hospitality, healthcare, or government just to name a few. These mobile devices are so valuable to anyone working in these industries that it only makes sense to protect these industry weapons with a high-quality rugged case. Handheld computer cases from e-Holster offer just the protection needed.

High-Quality, Durable Materials

  • Elastic Sides – Elastic sides conform to your handheld when it is holstered to keep it firmly in place and ensure that it will not fall out.
  • Soft Padded Interior – Soft nylon padded interior to keep your handheld safe from any of the bumps and bruises it may encounter throughout your rigorous workday.
  • Open Top – Open top¬†provides
    quick and easy access to both remove and replace your handheld whenever
    you need to. No fumbling with any Velcro, zippers, or latches here.

Removable, Rotating Belt Clip

The heavy-duty belt clip on these rugged cases rotate and detach for maximum
flexibility. For highly active professions where mobility is mandatory, the last thing you need is an inflexible belt clip getting caught or jabbing you in the hip every time you need to quickly move in a certain direction. This belt clip is specially designed for active industries to prevent such incidents.

Each e-Holster handheld computer case is made by hand with the highest quality materials available including the most durable ballistic nylon. Even the belt clip is made with heavy gauge steel.

We are so certain about the durability and rugged nature of our handheld computer cases that all of these items come with our limited lifetime warranty.

e-Holster strives to offer some of the finest handheld computer cases available for carrying and protecting your handheld devices. Visit today to see how we can support you with an option for your needs today.