The Day Before I Ordered a Wallet Case

out of pocketsMy friend Stan and I have a yearly ritual, we pick a spring training
game to attend and then we make and excuse to cut out of work early to
enjoy a little bit of America’s pastime. This year was no different.

“You still keep
your phone in your pocket, huh?”

On the way to the game I got a call. I had to dig into my pocket to
get my phone and as I pulled it out, my keys came with it, dropping down
into that no man’s land between the seat and the door. “You still keep
your phone in your pocket huh?” Stan said, mocking me. At the ball park I
got on my knees outside the car and dug around under the seat until I
found my keys getting some kind of thick grease all over my hands.

This year it was Stan’s turn to buy the tickets and once at the
window he quickly pulled out his credit card and a few seconds later we
were in. Next we grab beer and hotdogs, my turn to pay, I dig into my
pocket, transferring my phone to another pocket while wrestling with my
cash, paying the cashier, and then stuffing my change back into my
pocket. Stan watched, shaking his head.

During the third inning we both are notified of an incoming text
message, must be from work we thought. Stan had his phone out, checking
the message while I was still trying to get mine out of my pocket
without losing my keys, or any cash, eventually standing up just in time
for Stan to tell me it was someone at work asking how the game was
going. I didn’t even bother to pull out my phone.

When I sat back down Stan asked me why I was still carrying all my
stuff around loosely in my pockets, suggesting accurately that I could
easily lose something, my keys, my phone, my money. He was right of
course, but I never really thought about it, this is just the way I’ve
always done it.

Stan Showed Me a Better Way.

He pulled his eHolster wallet case off of his
belt and gave me a tour. This case is heavy duty, and has all of his
important items stored securely, and organized in such a way as to make
each item accessible. His smartphone, his credit cards, his cash, and
even an outside pouch for his headphones. It is perfect.

I suffered though some jabs on the ride home but Stan was right, I
needed to get organized so today I ordered my own wallet case from eHolster who offers a nice selection of wallet cases. Next time we go to a game I won’t be struggling to answer my phone.