The Equipment You Need With a Wireless Scanner Holster

Wireless scanners are a necessary part of modern industrial life. Whether you work in manufacturing supply or manage retail inventory, it’s often necessary to scan and interact with labels along the way. Of course, you need a wireless scanner holster.

Holster-less professionals must carry their wireless scanners in hand or awkwardly in a pocket at all times. You’re constantly juggling your pen, scanner, phone, and other equipment. You need to put down your scanner every time a task requires two hands to fulfill. It’s no wonder that wireless scanner holsters for a variety of scanner models are in high demand for every scanner-using industry.

Of course, just having a scanner and holster isn’t the end of the story. For a truly convenient holstering system for your wireless scanner, it’s best to have the entire equipment list on-hand.

Wireless Scanner Holster Equipment

  • Belt or Harness
  • Wireless Scanner
  • Wireless Scanner Holster
  • Security Belt Clip

Belt or Harness of Your Preference

When you’re planning to transition from un-holstered to a holstered scanner, the first place to start is your mounting point. Scanners are reasonably heavy and holsters have a little mass of their own. This means that your shirt or regular pants waistband is not sufficient for holster support. Instead, you’ll need a tool belt or, if you prefer, a chest or drop-leg harness.

Wireless scanner holsters can be mounted on any supported and belt-like strap. You can hook them to a backpack or messenger bag, belts, harnesses, overalls, and tightly secured vests. Use your brand’s traditions or personal preference to guide your choice of holster mounting gear.

Wireless Scanner

Of course, there’s no point in having a wireless scanner holster without the scanner itself. There are literally hundreds of models of scanner out there, old and new, but fortunately, there are only a few different scanner shapes and sizes. Wireless scanners tend to fit in the hand and generally “phone shaped” or “gun-shaped”, as you already know.

The wireless scanner you have and work with will determine the type of holster you purchase. If you’re in the market for new scanners, choose wisely and consider the size and weight of carrying the scanners in addition to their function and features. Consider which shape of a scanner you prefer, or what works best with the tasks and uniforms of your teams.

You may even consider the average hand-size of your team when selecting scanner models, as overly bulky scanners are more difficult to handle for small hands, while large and purposefully bulky scanners are far better for large or gloved hands.

Wireless Scanner Holster

Once you have your mounting gear and the scanner of your choice, the next step is selecting your holster. Wireless scanner holsters have depth, width, and shape. The size and shape of your scanner will naturally determine the correct wireless scanner holster for you to buy.

Most industrial scanners are available in black. You may consider whether you want a soft case, for quick flexible holstering or a hard-case holster. Hard cases are bulkier, but they also offer greater protection to the scanner inside if your work is active or could involve a fall. Some holsters have a velcro flap that secures the scanner in place, many do not.

Security Belt Clip

Finish off your scanner holster gear with a security belt clip. Industrial holsters come with a simple clamp clip that slips over a belt or strap. The clip is secure, vertically, but any sideways or upward action has the potential to dislodge it. The best solution is to add a special belt accessory that holds the holster on more permanently.

There are several models of security belt clip. There are leather wraps that hold the clip in place, fastening metal clips that overlay the existing clip, and simple plastic spring-loaded clips with a securing tooth. The choice of belt clip is up to you. Consider the difference between a hard and soft security belt clip, and the relative bulk it adds, for the experience of your employees.

Equipping yourself or your team with wireless scanner holsters is a smart move in any industry. Carrying around a wireless scanner can become cumbersome and puts the scanner at risk.