iPad Carrying Case

Unique iPad Carrying Cases: Do You Have A Cyberpunk Holster For Your Tech?

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Cyberpunk has often been defined as the meeting point between high-tech and low-lifes. The most stand-out examples of the genre feature a sci-fi twist on traditional crime stories, murder mysteries, and back-alley thrillers. One of the most immediately arresting aspects of cyberpunk, though, is the unique look it’s created over the years. A combination of the outlandish and the practical, cyberpunk often combines aspects of real-world fashions from subcultures like bikers and soldiers, mixes them with aspects of the underground club scene, and adapts them to incorporate a more technology-heavy theme. The result is something that’s often striking. But it has an air of practicality that makes it both wearable and usable.

And if you’re someone who needs to keep their tech close to hand, then it might be a good idea to take a cue from this genre and get yourself a unique iPad carrying case.

Not Your Mother’s iPad Case

If you carry an iPad, then you already know how important it is to keep it protected, but accessible. Especially if you use it for work. Whether you use it as a contractor working a building site, a sales professional in retail, or you need to have your iPad within reach to check data from the home office, you need to have the proper case for it.

That’s where the unique, holster-style case comes in handy.

These cases come in a variety of styles, all of which are designed to keep your technology close, but safe. Some of the cases are leg-drop holsters. They have a strap that goes around your waist and another around your thigh. This holds your iPad down on your leg like an old-fashioned gunslinger. Others are meant to act as a shoulder holster. This keeps your iPad right under your arm where you can tug it out quickly and easily. You can also slide it away when you no longer need it. Some of the holsters can even switch, being worn in the leg, or like a more traditional messenger bag.

Cyberpunk: It’s More Than The Rule of Cool

While these iPad carrying cases look like they came out of a world where technology has integrated into aspects of everyday life (even more so than it already has in our world), they offer a substance along with their signature style.

First and foremost, these cases offer unique protection for your iPad. By keeping it close, you’re less likely to ding, dent, crack, or otherwise damage your pad than you would if you were just carrying it in your hand, or even in a traditional bag. Additionally, these holster-style cases keep your iPad out of the way when you don’t need it. This allows you to keep your hands free rather than attempting to juggle your tech. Several of these cases also have a clear front cover. This gives you full access to your pad without removing it from your holster, which can be ideal for those who need the device’s function, but who don’t have a free hand to hold it while they’re in the middle of something else.

The most important aspect of these cases, though, is that they put functionality first. The unique styling spreads the weight of your iPad out, putting it on your shoulders or your hips, which can make it easier to carry for long periods of time. By reducing strain, keeping your device safe, and making sure you can slide your pad into your hand whenever you need it, these carrying cases are a cut above the rest. The fact that they also give you that Blade Runner edge is just a bonus!