Do You Need a Better Wireless Scanner Holster Design?

Wireless scanners are a necessary part of modern retail and inventory management. Whether you move cargo in a shipping depo or help customers find the right items, your team is constantly pulling out the scanner and switching between tasks. Naturally, the active use of a wireless scanner requires a holster. Any time a professional must scan while standing and moving, a holster becomes necessary. But do you need a better wireless scanner holster for the job?

Not all wireless scanner holsters are made the same. Some are sturdier, some are more practically put together. Some even have helpful features that make the holster more useful or comfortable to wear. Here’s how to tell if your wireless scanner holsters could do with replacing.

Signs of Wear and Tear

The first thing to look for is signs of age. Some brands and types of design last for decades with only a little fraying, while others come apart at the seams over a few years. Look for signs that the fabric is weak at the seams, or whether the whole structure sags under the weight of your scanners. Older holsters may simply be ready to be replaced with a newer model, and you might as well upgrade if given the opportunity.

If you have old holsters, or fairly new ones wearing out too fast, consider a new set of holsters that improve on your last experience.

Tether or No Tether for Your Wireless Scanner Holster?

A tether is a darn useful addition to your wireless scanner holster and the scanner itself. While the wireless nature means that your team doesn’t have to carry around a separate computer or battery pack, a tether ensures that the scanner never-ever hits the ground. A wireless scanner holster that includes a tether or a place to attach one will prevent your team from setting their scanners down and forgetting them. Surprises and collisions won’t result in damaged scanners. And you can even safely drop scanners to handle an emergency without worry.

Wireless Scanner Holster Sturdy Enough For the Job

The material and design construction of your scanner holsters also matters. Lightweight synthetic materials can fray around the seams and fall apart far earlier than the price tag would suggest. While sturdy, thickly-woven fabrics are more likely to last for years with zero signs of sagging or tearing. Look for real quality and sturdiness in the scanner holsters you consider. Wireless scanner holsters need to not only hold up the scanner but also hold onto the belt without a single part sagging or fraying. And, of course, you want your investment to last.

Connecting to the Belt or Harness

Speaking of connecting to the belt, that mechanism will matter to you as well. Some belt-clip types are better than others, and some differ based on utility or preference. Specific belt-clips are very slim, but they only clip vertically and can fall off if the holster is bounced upward. Some have a very bulky but secure connection to the belt. And some can clip on and off a belt easily, while others are meant to be slid onto a belt permanently, and it’s impossible to remove the holster without also removing the belt.

Make your choice for the best belt-connection style for your team and choose a wireless scanner holster that meets your needs.

Choosing the right wireless scanner holster is an important decision. But replacing an old set of holsters gives you an opportunity to choose your features more carefully. Judge from your previous experience and the quality of your previous scanner holsters to choose the best design, quality, and clip to best equip your team. Buy yours today!