Handheld Computers

4 Reasons Freelance Writers Need a Handheld Computer Case

Handheld PCs used to be associated exclusively with futuristic TV shows like Star Trek. Today, these portable devices are a reality, and they are changing many industries significantly. One career that could be made significantly easier by a handheld PC is that of a freelance writer. The freelance writing career is defined by its flexibility. Freelance writers are often work-at-home parents or caregivers who do their writing at odd hours between naps or soccer practice carpools. Handheld PCs can increase their ability to work on the go and, therefore, increase their productivity and yearly income. In this guide, we’ll highlight four ways freelance writers could benefit from a handheld computer case.

#1: On-the-Go Client Communication

A successful freelance writing career is all about keeping your clients happy. For many clients, this includes rapid communication, quick responses to emails, and occasional fast turnaround times for emergency blog posts or newsletters. For writers who entered the career for the flexibility it offered, this need for rapid client communication can come into direct contrast with the on-the-go lifestyle freelance writers are trying to lead.

Handheld PCs can solve this issue, allowing freelance writers to upload documents, skim PDFs, and reply to emails from anywhere. Handheld computer holsters can keep these handheld computers in good working order despite the busy, hectic lifestyle of many work-at-home parents.

#2: Edit from Anywhere

Freelance writing isn’t just about writing. It’s also about editing—constantly—to meet the nuanced needs of various clients. Often, these edits eat into working time. That’s why handheld computer cases can come in handy. Imagine the amount of time you could save if you could edit a document from the parking lot while waiting for your child to get out of school or from your easy chair during commercials. A handheld PC holster allows your handheld PC to go with you anywhere, which means you can do your quick edits whenever you have a spare moment and save your office hours for the detailed, long-form writing that should take up the bulk of your time.

#3: Face-to-Face Portfolio Access

Not all freelancing jobs are remote jobs. Some jobs are for local clients. These clients often want to meet face-to-face to go over your work experience and what you can do for them. Easy access to a handheld PC keeps you from having to drag a bulky laptop into your face-to-face meetings. The easy user interface still allows you to pull up relevant items from your working portfolio.

A good handheld computer case can allow you to walk into your meeting with confidence, hands-free to share with your potential clients. Then, when you need access to your portfolio, you can easily access your handheld computer and keep up the appearance of someone who is high-tech and up-to-date with the current digital industry.

#4: All the Little Things

Freelance writers know that writing is only a small portion of what they do on a weekly basis. Tucked in between the writing is a stream of little things, from sourcing free-to-use images on Unsplash to researching keywords, searching for new clients, and applying for contracts. All of these little things take small portions of time on their own, but they add up quickly.

A handheld PC allows you to do all of these little things any time you have a free moment in your schedule. Handheld computer cases give writers quick access to their computers any time they have a spare minute. By delegating these little things to otherwise wasted moments during the day, you increase your productivity during your working hours and increase your potential income stream.


For freelance writers, investing in a handheld PC and a good handheld computer case can drastically improve the quality and timeliness of your freelancing work. By increasing your capacity to work anywhere at any time, you also increase your ability to do more things with your family while continuing to develop a successful freelancing career. Contact us today to learn more and purchase your holsters!