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A Good Handheld Computer Case: How to Choose

Whether your team is working in a large store, warehouse, or out in the field; there are many positions that need to work with handheld computers to get the job done. And what your team needs is what you make sure is available. Of course, handheld computers aren’t actually as useful as you’d hope if they are at risk of being damaged, dropped, or if they get in the way as your staff members do their daily work. This is why a good handheld computer case is such an important addition to most teams who make use of handheld computers.

But how do you know the difference between a handheld computer case that will be frayed to bits by the steady pace of work and one that will still be reliably serving years in the future? It’s all in the design and production quality.

Let’s take a deeper look at the qualities of a good handheld computer case that will provide sturdy, reliable protection for your computers and useful portability for the team.

Protectively Padded

First, a good handheld computer case needs to have a certain amount of padding. A thin layer of fabric or leather isn’t going to keep your handheld computers safe, though it may keep them off the ground. Handheld computers were built to be sturdy, but working in warehouses or on the field can still be hard on devices. You need a case that has several layers of sturdy fabric and/or built-in padding that will cushion your handheld computers from bumps and falls, just in case. Thicker material is also traditionally a sign of higher quality manufacturing.

Long-Lasting Durability

You have likely dealt with a few types of equipment cases that simply fall apart after a few months of use. There are many low-quality cases that fray at the seams or the material outright flakes away in layers. This can be pretty alarming when you’re counting on a case to keep your handheld computers safe and securely fastened when employees are on the job. Look for handheld computers that are clearly made out of sturdy canvas and similar materials with folded seams and strong stitching. These qualities together can help you determine whether a product will last for years instead of months.

Effectively Portable

Portability also really matters for handheld computer cases because these devices are so often used by employees who need to work with their hands. Technicians, inventory managers, inspectors, and many other professions that use handheld computers usually interact with their work environment, only occasionally stopping to calculate, scan, or send messages. This means your handheld computers need a safe way to dock on a belt, harness, or hanging securely from a strap without risk of swinging around. So you need handheld computer cases that have the clips, hooks, or straps necessary to be portable in the way your team can make use of.

Touch-Through Screen Cover

In order to provide scratch and spill protection, handheld computer cases usually feature a plastic screen cover as part of the design. But the acuity by which that plastic transmits touch-controls can matter a lot. You need a handheld computer case with a touch-through screen cover that transmits with high sensitivity. This way,  your team is not slowed down in their work with the addition of the case.

If your team needs to add handheld computer cases to their daily equipment or you’re looking to replace old cases that have worn out, e-Holster is your go-to source. Whether you need belt-clipping, drop-leg, or chest-strap handheld computer cases, we can help you find the right product to equip your team exactly the way that will be most useful. Contact us to find out more about finding a good handheld computer case that your team needs.