Barcode Scanner Holster: Why Does Your Business Need One?

Picture this. You’re at the back aisle of a store and you’ve found the right item on your shopping list. But you can’t find a price on it. You turn it over a dozen times, and then some more. But still no price on the item apart from an odd barcode. Before you put back the item on the shelf someone walks over to you. They slide a barcode scanner from their holster. And in a single press of the trigger, you know exactly what the item costs. Problem solved. They slip the scanner back into their barcode scanner holster and set off in search of more customers to help.

Why Get Barcode Scanner Holsters For Your Staff?

Portable barcode scanners are the Holy Grail of the retail industry. Whether you’re helping a customer as in the above example or taking an inventory, barcode scanners are no doubt useful in calling up all data, in any given item, in an instant.

However, they’re delicate devices. They require care to avoid malfunctioning from too many accidental drops. This is where a barcode scanner holster comes in handy. Anyone walking around with a portable barcode scanner in-hand, in your retail store, should have their own holster – and for good reason.

Though barcode scanners are well-made with durable materials, they can break if dropped too many times on a hard surface. A holster ensures the scanner is tucked in place to avoid getting it knocked or pushed over on the ground.

Besides protecting scanners from falling damage, holsters provide long-term comfort and convenience, too. With a holster in place, staff members can free up both hands to handle other non-scanning tasks. Even walk around unhindered – without the risk of misplacing their scanner. When you have a holster on, you’re sure the scanner is still on you every time.

Other Common Problems a Holster Can Help You Avoid?

A big problem with barcode scanners is that they often get left on tables, which can lead to another problem: someone spilling a liquid on them such as water, cleaning solution or, worse, a hot drink.

Placing a scanner on the table – depending on where you’re using it – can attract dust or dirt to it, which can cause even more damage. Sure, accidents are inevitable. But a barcode scanner holster will protect the scanner against dirt and spills.

Barcode scanners are small items, unfortunately. They can fit into a purse or shopping bag with little to no effort. As such, they’re easy to steal or misplace. Can scanners be used for personal use? Of course, not. But someone can pawn or sell them at an online shop. However, having a holster keeps the scanner close to you at all times. You’re sure wherever you go the scanner goes, too. And no one can take it.


For your retail business to close more sales, invest in barcode scanner holsters. They’re extremely useful when taking inventory. And bring up an item’s data in the shortest time possible.

Even more helpful is that holsters increase staff capabilities. A staff member with a holster on them can free up both their hands to handle additional duties without the risk of ever losing it.

Remember, holsters protect barcode scanners from falling damage. Some people fumble with a barcode scanner as part of their daily experience – making them fall far too many times. Holsters ensure this never happens. And lastly, a holster provides you comfort and convenience. You can stride around unburdened and still keep the scanner at your hip, at all times, wherever you go. Contact us today for all of your holster needs!