Handheld Computers

Handheld Computer Holsters Are Required by Which Professions?

Handheld computers are a unique branch of technology with incredible use in industry and logistics but rarely seen in the hands of average consumers. The professionals who use handheld computers are doing highly technical work, of one sort or another. Handheld computers are a special streamlined design allowing the professionals in each industry that uses them to work faster and more efficiently on their industry software than your average tablet or laptop.

Handheld computers can often be used one-handed and are extremely sturdy and portable. But those who use handheld computers are also highly mobile. Otherwise, they could use a desktop or laptop like their more stationary colleagues. For this reason, handheld computer holsters are a vital part of a surprising number of industries. If your team works with these uniquely useful devices, then handheld computer holsters are an absolute must to keep your hands free and your computer at-the-ready.

Let’s take a deeper look into five of the most prominent professions that require handheld computer holsters to get their work done as smoothly and efficiently as possible:

Field Service Technicians

Field service technicians range from appliance repair to specialty equipment calibration and everything in between. The one thing all field technicians have in common is the need to do complex work far away from the home office. B2B or B2C, working with machines or simply assessing a complex situation, handheld computers make it possible to enter data and do calculations on the fly. And a handheld computer holster is absolutely necessary to free up the hands for technical work and keep the computer safe during slogs through field environments.

Medical Professionals and Students

Few people do more walking and advanced thinking each day than medical professionals working in a hospital or clinic. From doctors to lab technicians, medical professionals must keep track of a vast amount of information and often reference information on the fly. Medical students and trainees, in particular, make use of handheld computers to help them stay apace without carrying and flipping through textbooks to remember the details they need. And in the medical field, any carried equipment absolutely must have a holster because you never know when you’ll need both hands to assist a patient.

Delivery Personnel

Delivery drivers are often the most public of handheld computer users, as they have been using handheld computers to track packages and receive electronic signatures for decades, now. And having both hands to drive and carry packages is essential A handheld computer holster makes it possible for delivery personnel to handle packages and delivery circumstances safely while always having their computer on their person.

Inspectors in Any Industry

Inspectors of every stripe, from home inspectors to manufacturing inspectors need to be able to walk, take notes, and create reports all at the same time. This makes them prime users of handheld computers. Because the job is active and often involves a little testing here and there to create the most accurate report possible, inspectors need handheld computer holsters so they can put down the computer every few minutes to “kick the tires” and take readings.

Warehouse and Inventory Professionals

It is well known that professionals who manage large inventory stocks and especially those in warehouses make use of handheld computers regularly. Handheld computers make it possible to keep track of labels, inventory, reports, and make replacement orders on the spot. But warehouse professionals also need both hands free to handle merchandise and retrieve or stock shelves. A handled computer case is essential to remaining safe and efficient on the warehouse floor and halfway up a lift to the highest shelf.

These five types of professionals who use handheld computers are only the tip of the iceberg. Handheld computers are an important part of functionality and safety in a wide variety of industries. Anyone who needs to calculate, take notes, and lookup files while working on their feet may share the same need. Visit our website today to find out more about handheld computer holsters for your team.