Barcode Scanners

Your 5-Step Guide to Choosing the Best Barcode Scanner Holster

Barcode scanners have become a must-have piece of equipment for virtually any company in the manufacturing or fulfillment industry. And with some barcode scanners costing more than $1,000 USD, you want to ensure that you protect your equipment. The most effective way to achieve this goal is to invest in a durable barcode scanner holster. As you compare holster providers, you will quickly notice that not all holsters are created equal. Below is your five-step guide to choosing the best barcode scanner holster.

Step One: Confirm the type of barcode scanner(s) you use

Holsters for barcode scanners are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Some of the most common manufacturers include Zebra, Symbol, and Motorola. Each manufacturer offers a host of different models of varying weight and dimensions.

Choosing a holster that is the best fit for your barcode scanners will help prevent damage that could result from your scanner shifting inside the holster. Be sure to note the make and model of your scanner. For example, rather than specifying “Motorola”, you should note “Motorola MC75.”

Step Two: Determine how many scanners you have

If you are like most business owners or operators, you have an entire team or multiple teams of professionals who regularly use barcode scanners. For example, you may have a receiving team, a shipping team, and an inventory control team that all use scanners throughout the day. As you count the number of scanners you have in-house, make sure that you include any spare scanners that you reserve for use by temporary or seasonal employees.

Step Three: Find a trusted barcode scanner holster provider

Finding a dependable holster provider is essential to protecting your barcode scanners. As you compare holster providers, be sure to carefully evaluate each provider to ensure that you are working with a trusted provider. Here are some key factors to seek as you compare providers:

  • Experience: There is no substitute for experience when protecting your scanners. Look for a provider with at least 10 years of experience.
  • Customizability: The best providers have the resources to offer a customized design to meet your company’s specific needs
  • Shipping: Look for providers with international shipping experience as well as those that offer free shipping within the United States
  • Superb Service: Holster companies that offer pre-order guidance and post-sale support are excellent choices

Step Four: Educate your employees about proper holster use

Product training plays an important role in the holster purchasing process. Upon receipt of your holsters, schedule a meeting with your team to educate them about their holsters. Topics to cover include holster maintenance, cleaning, proper attachment, and safe storage. Emphasize the importance of wearing a holster at all times during work hours.

Step Five: Plan for the future

If your company is poised for growth, it is a good idea to keep a few spare holsters on hand. Keeping some spare holsters also helps to ensure that you are sufficiently prepared if employees lose their holsters or damage them. The nation’s top providers are often willing to offer discounts on orders of ten or more holsters, which can help you control expenses.

The Bottom Line

Protecting your barcode scanners with a holster can help extend the life of your scanner while preventing equipment loss and damage. Ultimately, a durable holster will help your company will enjoy a healthier bottom line and greater efficiency. To learn more about the many benefits of custom barcode scanner holsters, we invite you to contact us at e-Holster for additional information. We look forward to serving as your trusted source for all of your device protection needs!