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Barcode Scanner Holsters: How to Buy the Right Kind

Shopping for barcode scanner holsters for your team is a normal part of business. Every team needs a few things to make the job easier, safer, and more convenient and a barcode scanner holster is that kind of a thing. As a soft-yet-secure place to dock one’s barcode scanner at the hip is incredibly useful for mobile scanner-wielding teams.

But how do you choose the right barcode scanner holster from the options available? Many managers worry that if they by 15 to 200 barcode scanner holsters at once, that there’s a chance every single holster will be too large or too long for your barcode scanners. Fortunately, you don’t have to sit and worry, agonizing over your online choice. There are some very easy ways to be certain that your purchase of barcode scanner holsters will be satisfactory.

Check for Product Name and Number Compatibility

First, check to see if the scanner holster was designed and listed for specific barcode scanner product names. It might name a brand, a size, or a specific model number. Check this against the brand and size of the barcode scanner that your team uses and confirm that you are, in fact, buying a correctly compatible scanner holster.

Of course, not all barcode scanner holsters are immediately listed with compatibility like car parts so you may need to go beyond this step if it turns up no usefully identifying information.

Read the Holster Dimensions and Measure Your Barcode Scanner

Another way to now of the holsters will meet your scanner needs is to take measurements. Measure the length, width, widest point, and narrowest point on one of your barcode scanner holsters. Then look to see if the exact size dimensions of the scanner holster pockets line up exactly with the measurements you have just taken. It can be a huge relief to discover that the holster is definitely the right size to accommodate your barcode scanners.

Check the Shape to Your Style of Barcode Scanner

Next, take a close look at the style and shape of the barcode scanner holster. Is it really for a ‘gun-shaped’ item like a barcode scanner or is it more of a pocket or pouch for baton or handheld computer? Is it wide in the right places? Is the angle correct for the unique angle of your barcode scanner holster handles?

These are all important questions and many of the answers can be found simply by looking closely at the product images and the dimensions given. You know your barcode scanners. Try to eye-match the right scanner holster shape to fit it.

Confirm the Holster has the Right Clip for Your Team Gear

Once you are certain you have a holster that is the right size, shape, and style to support your barcode scanners, think about how your team will be wearing the scanner holsters. Most likely the holsters will clip to the belts or vests of your team and therefore will need a compatible clip in the back. Take an extra moment to examine the back-clip of each barcode scanner holster to find one that is compatible with your team uniform and will sit correctly on a staff belt while they are busy with other tasks.

Order Samples of Barcode Scanner Holsters before Ordering in Bulk

Finally, you can always make the smart cautious move of not investing too far before you are 100% sure. Try ordering just one barcode scanner holster to test in-house with your own barcode scanners. This will give you a realistic and tactile understanding of the holster and if it fits your device like a glove, you are good to go.

For more insights into choosing the right barcode scanner holster for your business and team needs, contact us today!