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How Barcode Scanner Holsters Increase Job Safety

On the retail or warehouse floor, barcode scanners are incredibly important to the work process. Whether your team is putting together orders, restocking shelves, or checking prices for customers, it is absolutely necessary to have a barcode scanner on hand. But not actually in one’s hand. Equipping your team with scanners but giving them nowhere to put the scanners down is a recipe for disaster, as you may have recently realized.

Many companies suggest (or employees rig up) a tether line so the scanner can be ‘dropped’ without dropping it. Others try to hold their scanner in one hand while doing everything else with the other and wind up fumbling. Without a solution, employees have been known to leave their barcode scanners lying around instead, accidentally or on purpose. All of these are safety hazards in their own right. Fortunately, the solution is quite simple and easy to implement. All you need are barcode scanner holsters.

Let’s take a look at how barcode scanner holsters can significantly increase the safety of your team and workplace.

Barcode Scanner Holsters Attach Securely to a Belt or Harness

First, a barcode scanner holster attaches to a belt or harness, clipping into place so that employees can always reach their scanner with a comfortable physical motion. Not only is this a more secure way to hold a scanner and frees up your employee’s hands, but it also encourages them to wear the correct belts or harnesses necessary to do the job.

They Replace the Hookable Tether Cord

Teams who are required to carry barcode scanners but not given holsters often use the tether cord solution instead. A taught or springy cord that allows the barcode scanner to dangle around the hips or knees when not in use. It is, of course, a bad idea to let your equipment bop around the knees of your employees and there is always a risk of tangling during physical activity. But the worst safety hazard of the tether cord is that the cord catches on things. When employees ease past a shelf, the cord can catch on a protruding sign or just a small jag in the shelf line causing dangerous pull-back for both the employee and the barcode scanner.

A barcode scanner holster prevents this by removing the need for the cord entirely. The holster keeps the scanner comfortably docked at the employee’s hip instead of hanging by that hazardous cord.

They Prevent Fumbling

Those who do not use the cord, and even some who do, often find themselves fumbling to keep hold of the barcode scanner and whatever works with the products they must take care of. From restocking shelves to pulling down merchandise, you want your employees to be able to use both hands with confidence. Not worry about which hand is holding the scanner.

With a barcode scanner holster, your employees will be able to confidently put down the holster without the risk of leaving it behind so that both hands will be free to handle any physical labor or merchandise handling is necessary.

Barcode Scanner Holsters Increase On-the-Job Focus

Finally, barcode scanner holsters offer an additional level of assurance and focus on the job. When your employees can safely dock their scanner holsters without worrying about the tether around their knees or remembering where they put the scanner down, they can focus entirely on the task at hand. This provides peace of mind and an ability to act with confidence. Your employees will know that their barcode scanners are both safe and not about to ‘make a break for it’ while they pay attention to handling the boxes or running through the check-lists at hand.

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