Barcode Scanners

5 Reasons to Equip Your Team with Holsters for Barcode Scanners

Whether your team works in a warehouse or retail, there are many jobs where every member of the team carries a barcode scanner. Barcode scanners are an incredibly useful part of modern inventory management on a number of levels. You may be putting together and shipping orders, stocking shelves, logging broken-product losses, or even checking prices for customers.

But no matter what reason your team carries barcode scanners, having a dedicated holster for those scanners has many different benefits. Aside from looking cool and feeling professional, a barcode scanner holster can significantly improve your staff efficiency and even job satisfaction. Join us on a brief exploration of why your team will be happier and more effective with barcode scanner holsters.

1) Increase Staff Capabilities

When your team is walking around with a barcode scanner in-hand, they are actually seriously limited in what they can do. Someone holding a barcode scanner cannot as easily unpack boxes, touch up retail displays, or stop to fill out paperwork. Many additional tasks that your staff do every day could be done much more easily without having to either juggle or put down the scanner.

A holster frees up both hands for each member of staff so that they can perform additional duties with ease. And the scanner will always be safely right there when it’s time to scan.

2) Prevent Lost Scanners

Speaking of other tasks, how often do members of your team misplace their scanners after getting involved in a non-scanning task? What about new hires who haven’t been trained to keep one hand on their scanner at all times? If you are constantly or even occasionally dealing with scanners being lost and left in odd places, a holster is an ideal solution.

A barcode scanner holster ensures that when your team puts down a scanner to do a two-handed job, the scanner is still on their person at all times.

3) Protect Scanners from Falling Damage

Barcode scanners are built to be sturdy, but they can still break if dropped far enough onto a hard surface. For some people, fumbling a barcode scanner is part of their daily experience and many teams experience a few small scanner damages every year. A holster not only makes sure that scanners aren’t left where they can be knocked to the ground, but you can also tether the scanner to its holster so that it never falls far enough to hit the ground.

4) Easy to Keep Track of Assigned Scanners

If your team has specific scanners assigned to each person, this can also become the source of confusion or conflict. One team member picks up the wrong scanner at the beginning of the day and the entire system is thrown off. This is much less likely to occur when the scanners are also assigned and attached to a specific holster. You can more clearly label a holster belt with names, color-coding, or hanging them on assigned pegs in the back room.

5) Long-Term Comfort and Convenience

Finally, you might be surprised how much your staff appreciates having holsters for their barcode scanners. Carrying around a scanner for long hours can lead to mild but constant discomfort and inconvenience. Having to put down or juggle the holster when doing other tasks and the slight weight imbalance throughout the day can slowly erode job satisfaction.

With a holster, your team will be able to walk unencumbered, use both hands freely for tasks, and never risk losing track of their scanners again.

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