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A Restaurant Server Apron Capable of Holding All Your COVID PPE

Restaurant server taking an order during COVID-19, server apron for COVID-19 concept

Right now is an important time for restaurants. Those that choose to reopen dining rooms and quick service locations are going to be the trailblazers for millions of businesses to follow. If restaurants can reopen safely, the world can adapt to the new normal. So it comes as no surprise that restaurants are rethinking their employee personal equipment from top to bottom- and this includes each staff members’ server apron. 

Those in the kitchen need absolute food safety protocols. But servers in the dining room need to be completely prepared for protecting themselves and guests. This means tools and a place to put them. While you’re thinking about serving staff Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), consider a new restaurant server apron that is capable of holding all the new gear.

Packet of Disposable Gloves

Every server today needs to carry a few spare pairs of disposable gloves. The gloves are there to ensure that contamination doesn’t pass from one person to another. This means reasonably frequent glove changes between guests being served. Your servers need an apron pocket to hold a packet of disposable gloves to constantly change throughout their shift. 

Personal Hand Sanitizer

When hands do come into contact, your servers need a quick and efficient way to sanitize. A little personal bottle of sanitizer in the apron pocket is the perfect solution. Even more clever, get a narrow bottle with a pump-top for quick sanitizer dispensing from the pocket itself.

Backup Cloth Mask

Cloth face masks are the most economic way to keep everyone safe from shared breath particles. A cloth face mask can be both stylish and comfortable, but it must be changed out when it becomes damp. Breathing on a mask for long enough will make the fabric damp. Damp fabric can transmit breath particles, while dry fabric will not. So a damp mask must be changed for a dry one.

Give each server two cloth masks each day, one to wear and the spare when a change is necessary. The spare can be slipped into their server apron pocket. At the end of the day, launder all masks on the sanitization setting and start again tomorrow.

Miniature Spray-Bottle of Sanitizing Solution

Servers and the Bus-Staff need to work together to keep all dining room areas spotlessly clean and sanitized. A practical approach is to equip each of your servers with their own small spray-bottle of sanitizing solution. This can be sprayed to clean a table, seats, or railings. Or it can be sprayed on a cloth for spot-sanitization during dinner service. The spray nozzle can be hooked into a pocket or loop of the apron.

Stack of Thin Semi-Disposable Cloths

Very thin, semi-disposable dishcloths make the best sanitizing tool to pair with spray solution. A small stack takes up very little apron pocket space, and a fresh one can be used for each new cleaning task.

Hook for a Clear Face Shield

Some restaurants are equipping their servers with clear plastic face shields instead of cloth masks. The theory behind this choice is that people connect better when they can actually see their server’s face. If your restaurant chooses to use or experiment with face shields, make sure your servers also have an apron sturdy enough to hook and hang that face shield between shifts.

Individually Wrapped Straws and Flatware

The last thing your restaurant’s post-COVID server apron design needs is a pocket for individually wrapped utensils. Straws and flatware can both be kept absolutely safe for each guest by individually wrapping them. You can use plastic, paper, or napkin-wrapped straws and flatware tucked neatly into the apron pocket to deliver as-needed to each table of guests.

Choosing the right server apron for your restaurant is an important decision when reopening. Coronavirus and the new normal mean that your servers need to be well-equipped and ready to effectively keep themselves and the guests safe. Contact us for more information server aprons built for utility.