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Is a Tablet Shoulder Holster Right for Your Needs?

Businessman using a tablet shoulder holster

There are many ways to carry a tablet. There are magnetic cases and rubberized cases. Additionally, there are flip-open tablet cases and shoulder-hanging tablet cases. One of the most utility-focused tablet case designs is the shoulder holster. Much like a hidden firearm, a tablet shoulder holster docks your tablet just underneath your harm, held snugly to your torso and secured to your person.

This holster is a unique design that is excellent for active people and highly mobile jobs. If you’re thinking about upgrading your tablet transport and holster solution, let’s take a closer look at what makes a┬átablet shoulder holster┬áthe right choice for you.

You need your tablet to be on-hand and at-the-ready. You may need to take notes at any moment, snap a picture or catch a video, or check your specs at any moment. The tablet shoulder holster makes it easy to quickly grab and re-secure your tablet. The streamlined design ensures you can quickly use the tablet without ever fumbling with a bag and other bag contents.

Travel Earbud Solution

Your tablet is your phone, and you listen to music or podcasts through it. You need a way to carry your tablet so that it’s neither at risk nor in your way. A tablet shoulder holster with an earbud channel can solve all your logistical worries. This design makes it easy to listen to media while you are working, exercising, or in transit.

Highly Mobile

You move around a lot. From field service professionals to college students, some people move more than most during the day. The more you move, the more you need items to stay on your person. Keys in the pocket, a small pocket-sized wallet, and a belt phone clip help accomplish this, and so can a tablet shoulder holster. If you have to move often and/or fast on a given day, a shoulder holster for your tablet can make staying equipped on-the-go infinitely easier.

Under a Jacket

You want a tablet the fits into your jacket’s inner pocket or the next best thing. In some circumstances, you may want to keep all your equipment inside and underneath a coat. The shoulder holster design fits perfectly underneath a coat. This protects your tablet from extreme temperatures, wet weather, and hides your tablet from potential thieves. Not to mention making it virtually impossible to steal or leave behind.

Padded and Protected

Your work or routine is dangerous and has cracked devices in the past. Your tablet is also nicely protected from impacts and drips when nestled into your side. The tablet shoulder holster is a padded tablet carrying case, and the tablet is also padded by the mass of your body. If you are worried about your tablet taking damage during a busy day, the shoulder holster is the best way to minimize that risk.

Doubles as a Phone-Case and Wallet

You need to carry all your essentials close and locked-in. Nothing can get left behind when it’s strapped to your body. The tablet shoulder holster not only has a padded and closing pocket for your table, there’s also space for a smartphone and a closing pocket for your wallet essentials.

Is this the right carrying solution for you? For the very mobile, the very active, and the highly technical, the answer is likely yes. Shoulder holsters are a great innovation in tablet transport design and you can benefit from the line. Empower your mobile technology game with a tablet holster that plays it close to the chest. Contact us to learn more about a holster that suits your needs.