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6 Reasons to Equip Students With iPad Carrying Cases

College student on campus with her supplies, iPad carrying cases concept

Students today are facing an interesting new landscape. Some are tackling their next semester at home, some are heading back to the classroom freshly equipped with face masks and wet wipes. From first-graders to college post-grads, students everywhere are rebuilding their back-to-school shopping lists and planning for a COVID-safe school year. Here’s why students need iPad carrying cases in our current times.

iPads have become a significant part of the new learning process, and iPad carrying cases are helpful to students of all ages. Let’s dive into the six best reasons to equip students with an iPad carrying case.

Prevent Students from Dropping iPads

Dropped devices are a tragedy waiting to happen. School is complicated and one’s learning implements occasionally take a tumble. Notebooks and pencils commonly wind up on the floor, pushed or knocked from their previous place on the desk. iPads are even more likely to be dropped because they are picked up to use. A carrying case, however, seriously reduces the chances of an iPad falling all the way to the floor. Even if it does impact the ground, the carrying case provides extra padding and protection.

Seal and Protect iPads from COVID Exposure

Everyone is thinking about school in light of new COVID safety, including how to treat your tablet. Wrapping your tablet in plastic is one option. or you can close it into a stylish iPad carrying case.  A carrying case that covers the iPad fully with a plastic screen shield protects the tabled from exposure. When a student gets home, the tablet can be removed from the case and it will have been protected from outside breath particles all day long.

Wipeable iPad Cases for Quick Sanitization

A carrying case with a plastic screen cover is also completely washable, both on the tablet and off.  Cleaning a device can be risky. You need the right cleaning supplies, and never use too much solution on the device at once. Younger students don’t have the awareness or fine motor control to safely wash their tablet every day unless they have exactly the right wipes.

iPad carrying case

It’s easier and safer to wipe down a tablet that’s been outside the house than it is to wipe the device itself. With a case that is rarely removed, you can wipe the case down safely and be sure that the entire tablet-and-case set is now clean.

Keep Accessories Handy and Attached With iPad Carrying Cases

Many people travel with a few essential iPad accessories, especially students. You may have a stylus to write out digital school work. You may have headphones, a Bluetooth keyboard, a charger, or a USB hub. These things are easy to lose if you’re not careful, and busy students have a much higher chance of losing something along the way. An iPad carrying case contains pockets and loops that can be used to either contain or tether your iPad accessories.

Turn Your iPad Into a School Messenger Bag

Lastly, students always need a bag to carry school supplies around. Notebooks and writing utensils, workbooks, and textbooks – these things are key to modern education in addition to the digital tablet. A larger iPad carrying case can be tasked as a student’s entire school messenger bag.  With the right side-pockets and the decreased need for bulky paper supplies, a carrying case might be all the modern student needs for learning supplies.

Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or a school organization – iPad carrying cases can help equip your students with the security, safety, and convenience that they need. Contact us today to consult on your student’s school cargo needs and to find the right carrying case for each student or class. We look forward to hearing from you.