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iPad Carrying Cases for Deskless Workers

Businessman holding is iPad while on the job, iPad carrying cases concept

There’s a generalized view of “work” that every single professional sits at a desk and types on a computer. This couldn’t be further from the highly active reality. Many professionals spend the majority of their work hours on their feet or moving in a vehicle. Millions don’t have their own workstation and many rarely use a stationary workstation at all. Yet, here in the information age, connection to online communication and data are essential for modern deskless workers. That’s why iPad carrying cases are becoming more and more essential.

From field service providers to floor managers to park rangers – Deskless workers need information, but they don’t need the hassle of delicate devices or home-based workstations. Instead, give your team what they need; iPads empowered with protective cases and holsters. All the efficiency, none of the hassle. Let’s take a look at some of the best iPad carrying cases for your workers.

iPad Carrying Cases and Holsters for Deskless Workers

iPads have long been used to empower employees and workplaces. Their portable nature and powerful processors allow employees away from their desks to function as if they were at workstations. Taking notes, streaming video, and giving presentations all became easier with iPads in the workplace.

As interactive devices, they are excellent for training material reading and activities. As small computers, they are excellent for providing live data and portable data entry. The only problem is that iPads are delicate so that out-of-office and fully deskless workers are often left without these in-office innovations.

But no more. iPads don’t have to be delicate if they are prepared and mounted properly for rugged use outside the safe office environment.

How to Make an iPad Work-Ready

1) Use Unbreakable iPad Carrying Cases with Induction Charging

Start with a case that can withstand a few impacts, tumbles, and heavy drops. Like any tool used in the field, a worker’s portable computer is just as likely to be dropped (or jostled in the tool bag) as a hammer or multimeter. To be functional on the job, this iPad case needs to survive more than a few falls from tabletops, countertops, appliance tops, and maybe even off of rooftops. 

2) Portable Holsters, Carrying Portfolios, and Tethers

Once your iPad is wrapped in rubber and safety glass, the next step is a holster and tether system that makes it impossible to drop the device or leave it behind on a busy job. The right strapped case can turn each team member’s iPad into a satchel or a professional portfolio, which presents well to clients. Holsters can strap a well-encased iPad to the harness, belt, or bag of your team. Tethers can even ensure that one iPad stays with its kit and never falls far from the technician if dropped.

3) Powerful Magnetic Mounts for In-Place Jobs

Once you have a strong case, you need to mount it. Powerful magnetic mounts are at the cutting-edge of portable device technology. Through a magnetic mount, your iPad can be placed – quite sturdily- with a quick gesture. No more clipping and clamping your car-mounted devices. A strong enough magnet will hold your phone tighter than the adhesive connected to the dash. Some magnet mounts can also charge the iPad through induction while it is connected. Magnetic mounts can be placed on any surface or even screwed into a cloth harness or rigged to a more complex mount. However you want your iPad to hold itself up, it can.

4) iPad-Read Home Base Stations

The last piece of the solution is home-based stations ready to receive the iPads of your team when they come back to HQ. From field service teams to sales floor teams, iPads can conveniently change into a small workstation if given a dock with a charging port, keyboard, and data syncing. These are easy to construct with available iPad accessories yet make an iPad-equipped workplace much more flexible.

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