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Travel Neck Wallet: 6 Reasons to Switch to One During COVID

Man wearing a travel neck wallet and showing his ID

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things. We don’t shake hands anymore or risk breathing on each other. We don’t gather for concerts or attend crowded classes or sneeze casually in public. Another thing that has changed is the way we identify ourselves. This is a surprising side-effect of a mask-wearing, no-hands reality. It’s harder to identify one another. And with this new lifestyle, a travel neck wallet is a great way to keep your belongings clean and safe.

With faces covered and people less comfortable checking each other’s IDs, tasks that require identification are taking a hit. If you need to work among people during the COVID, especially if you need authorization to be on-site, it might be time to switch to a travel neck wallet. A wallet hung around your neck is much more no-hands friendly than a back-pocket wallet, and here’s how it will help your new-normal workflow:

No-Hands, Show Your ID in Your Travel Neck Wallet

A travel neck wallet is superb at one thing above all else: displaying your ID. With a front pouch, you can show your driver’s license or your employee badge to prove that you are on-the-job and are who you say you are. In professional work, your colleagues and customers can tell who you are without the need to remove your wallet or take off your mask. In your personal life, a neck wallet makes showing your ID for party-type purchases much easier and safer for everyone involved. Simply puff up your chest or politely raise your wallet for the other person to see without touching.

Scanned Cards Can Stay Plastic-Sheathed in a Travel Neck Wallet

If you need to scan a barcode, QR code, or RFID signal in a card, you can do it through some designs of travel neck wallet. By unfolding the wallet, you can have several plastic sheaths for cards. This allows your cards to be used (in non-swipe or chip ways) without ever taking them out of the wallet. No risk of contact between you and clerks or machines.

Display Pass and Reason to Be On-Site

If you need to openly display your authorization to do your job, a travel neck wallet is essential. A neck wallet allows those assigned to security to quickly identify you as a legitimate staff member so that there is no hassle. With a clearly displayed pass or ID, there is also no reason for security to get within breathing-distance of you to confirm that you belong on-site and working in an otherwise-closed facility.

RFID Blocker vs Hands-Free Hackers

Upgrading your wallet also gives you a chance to modernize. A good travel neck wallet has an RFID blocker sleeve. This prevents the RFID signal in some of your credit cards from being read without your knowledge. Some hackers know how to scan those cards from a distance with a targeted RFID reading device. If your cards are inside an RFID-protected pouch, then they cannot be activated when put away and not in use.

Show Your Smiling Face When Your Mask is On

Some jobs are best done with a smiling face. You will get better tips in delivery and curbside service if you can smile at the customers. Unfortunately, the need to wear masks gets in the way. A travel neck wallet allows you to display a photo of your own smiling face so that customers can see that your eye-crinkle above the mask line is genuine.

Identify Yourself to Uncertain On-Site Customers

Finally, a travel neck wallet allows you to meet customers in person more confidently. Those who don’t yet know you on-site or can’t recognize you behind the mask will recognize your professional ID in the neck wallets’ front sleeve. By placing your identification on your chest, you make it easier to do that occasionally-necessary business in-person with uncertain customers.


Could your new Post-COVID workflow be improved with a travel neck wallet? Are you constantly pulling out your ID to show or having to hand off cards? Streamline your process by hanging your identification in an easy-to-see and easy-to-reach location. Contact us for more about the travel neck wallet that’s best for you.